Monday, January 21, 2013

Motivated to serve

Motivation Monday

It's Motivation Monday, folks!  Not super happy the weekend is over, but only because I want a redo.  Our weekend...well...kind of sucked.  It started with Aubrey getting the stomach flu early Friday morning (nothing like cleaning up vomit at 12:30 a.m. and 2:30 a.m.), and then T got the stomach flu the next day.  So I spent all day on Saturday Lysoling the house and caring for the sick ones.  I wasn't feeling so hot myself on Sunday either so sucked.  So anyway...enough bitching, and on with the motivation. 

I'm going to not talk about the normal motivation this week, and I'll get back to that next week.  Today is all about a much more important motivation.  Given the day and the meaning behind it, I feel something is much more important. 

‎"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today, across the nation, we are celebrating the life and service of an amazing man.  Our agency is honoring him through a day of service in each of our counties.   My agency offers legal services to those who cannot afford them otherwise, and one method of doing this is through direct referrals to attorneys who take these cases completely free.  However, not every attorney can take on a case due to contractual obligations or time constraints.  So every year, pro bono districts across Indiana hold free legal clinics where any person can get free legal advice in brief consultations.  Attorneys sign up for two hours sessions and give free legal consultations to whoever calls or comes into that county's designated location.

Last year, I was able to set up locations in each of our counties, which included five.  However, last January, we took on three additional counties.  So this year, I've set up eight locations covering seven counties.  We have about three attorneys volunteering at a time in each location.  I can't be at every location, of course, but I'll be at two of them.  And having staff at the others.  I just think it's wonderful that these attorneys are being so giving of their time, and I truly hope we can help as many people as we are able.  And I hope that all of the other districts in the state are able to do the same.  So that's my motivation today and this week.  Well, in general considering what I do.   But that is my motivation. 

What's yours?  Have a wonderful Motivation Monday, everyone, and a wonderful Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


  1. I can't even read the words "stomach flu" without wanting to crawl under my sheets and die after my new years experience! Poor baby!

    Hope you guys don't get it!

  2. Poor Aubrey and T hope they feel better soon! I think that it is so awesome you are giving back in such a huge way! I had to work but I wishi could have done something with Aiden but we sometimes it just is what it is. I reflected a lot about how far and yet how sad it is that racism is still so prevalent in our world. That his dream has yet to come true. I just sat and thought and tried to appreciate what has happened and not dwell on what hasn't.


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