Friday, January 25, 2013

Week recap

Regular posting has not been happening with me this week so much, but it's just been one of those weeks.  Hell, it's currently one of those "months."  We've been crazy busy here at the Nain/T household, and I am thankful it's the weekend, even though I have stuff planned this weekend so there will be very little "relaxing" going on this weekend.  Regardless, here's a rundown of our week:
Monday - I had my agency's annual free legal clinic "Talk to a Lawyer Today" event.   I had arranged eight sites in seven counties, done the publicity, gotten volunteers, you name it.  And it went very well.  Three sites has few customers, but several were insanely busy.  We had an all-time high of helping 106 people that day.  That's 106 people who received free help with their legal questions.  To me, that's just absolutely awesome. 
Tuesday - T and I took Aubrey to her ENT appointment, and yep.  Tubes.  She will have tubes put in on February 7th.  The part that kills me is it is surgery, and she will briefly be under general anesthesia.  It'll only be for 20 minutes, but that is 20 minutes I'm not there with her.  But apparently tubes will make a world of difference, and she won't have to undergo the pain that comes with all of the ear infections.  In the end, that's all I really want for her.  Tuesday, T and I were home for the day, as I had a dietitian appointment where I was told I reached the ultimate goal weight (5 lbs below what my official goal weight was to give some leeway), and I needed to stop losing weight.  So that's a great thing, right?  The tough part - part of me was like "Eh, I could lose just five more pounds..." but I'm sure I should take this professional's advice.  They would know better than me, after all.
Wednesday involved traveling out of county with our new attorney in our office and helping her in a court hearing.  I remember those days and how nervous I got.  I still get nervous, if we're completely honest, and I didn't have the help of someone whispering advice or questions I should be asking.  So I am more than happy to offer the support.  I also went to a group I have joined at our church called Ministry of Mothers Sharing (M.O.M.S.), that I attended in the evening.  I love meeting women in our church and sharing our experiences.  This week's topic?  Stress.  Huh.  I don't  relate to that at all.  Nope, not in the slightest.
Yesterday?  It was a day.  That is all I will say about that.  Some stuff happened that is going to affect T and myself, but we are ready to conquer it.'s private. But it sucks.  Sucks majorly.  We were able to relax and take some "us" time, though, with a date night.  I have to say, it felt pretty nice going to a restaurant without having to wipe the table off with wipes, remove all objects with a toddler's reach and constantly entertain or feed puffs to the child to keep them from fussing.  I even broke the diet and enjoyed a bottle of wine with T, a nice steak and a heavenly chocolate dessert.  It was like crack to me.  Man, it was good.  Man, I miss eating chocolate that good.  But it was so worth it, and I so did not feel guilty one bit for enjoying it. 
Today I'm working on finishing important work and watching the clock anxiously awaiting for 4:30.  Ready to go pick up my girl and snuggle her for a bit.  It'll be a full weekend so I'll take all the alone time with her I can get.  Tomorrow, Miss Aubrey and I will be spending the day with Grandma, while T gets some well-needed "man" time.  I'm not sure what this entails, but I think it involves putzing around in the basement.  God knows what men do.  And Sunday I'll be doing a Mary Kay on watch for a post on that coming soon!
Have a great weekend, everyone!  And I promise to post more next week! 

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  1. Have a good weekend, Nain! You deserve it! It has been a stressful week for you.
    I'm sure Aubrey will feel better with tubes, although I understand your anxiety. It's surgery, after all.
    I'll keep her in my prayers. :)


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