Monday, January 14, 2013

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Oh wait, it's Monday again?  Did I mention how much I'm not a fan of this January?  Oh, because I'm not.  Now I did manage to keep with my motivation last week.....I had a crazy amount of things to do, but I wrote out an organized list, broken into subcategories on what needed to get done, and slowly, but surely, I am getting those items checked off.  I'm trying at least.  And I'm trying to delegate what I can, but honestly, after looking at the list, nothing can be delegated.  Or maybe it can, but someone is too much of a control freak to let go of a task. 

So that motivation is kind of continuing this week.   That list isn't going anywhere.  And last time I checked it was still unfortunately January.  Bah.  So I must say motivated....must...keep...going....

This week, I'm motivated to work hard on my Mary Kay.  Why?  Tax season is approaching!  And I must finish my 2013 inventory and my information to submit to the accountant.  It's a pity, too, because I had this awesome spreadsheet worked out and everything.  And then my computer crashed.  And I didn't back up the information.  So....I lost it.   Plus the software program that had all of my other information on it.  Poop.  This might involve some weekend work and evenings.  But nothing motivates you quite like the tax man, right? 

Still on the move with the weight loss, but now it's more of a weight maintain.  I've reached my ideal weight, and I'm still going down.  I'm actually 30 lbs down since September.  Of course, I ate like crap this weekend so I'm sure that's back to 25 but still.  I still do the food journal every day, though that is getting just a little old.  But I did do my first run outside since the fall the other day.  And it felt damn good, and I must say I ran quite a bit of it!

So what motivation do you need this week?  Join me and write a motivation post and link it up here!  And everyone, have a fabulous week!

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  1. I need to get back on MyFitnessPal and track my eating too. It can always spiral so quickly on stressful days. Good luck getting through your week!


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