Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good bye 2012, hello 2013!

Happy New Year, everyone! 
Side note:  I had intended to write an extremely detailed "end of the year" post with pictures and everything, and then I realized that...well, yeah, my pictures are on my computer that is now fried, so...yeah."  T has them backed up, but that would require too much effort.  (Sorry!)  So instead, you'll have to enjoy a written recap.
The year 2012 was an extremely full and blessed one for us.  We began the year wanting time to go by quickly so that we could get to February and the arrival of our little girl.  January was full of weekly doctor's visits and non-stress tests, getting the nursery ready, me rushing to get everything ready to go at work so that I could go on maternity leave.  Before we knew it, the month had flown by.
February brought us our biggest blessing ever and the best Valentine's Day gift I will ever be given.  Aubrey Leona came into our world on February 15th, and life will never be the same again.  If I had to pick a defining moment where everything shifted and the focus of my life changed forever, that would be it.  We spent every moment we could treasuring our little miracle.  I was fortunate to get to spend the rest of February and all of March at home with her.  She and I hung out, watching basketball, celebrating St. Patrick's Day, sleeping (well, her...not me.)  T and I learned firsthand what it meant to truly be sleep deprived.  We celebrated Aubrey's first Easter, my first birthday as a Mother, first Mother's and Father's Days.  We took Aubrey on her very first family vacation as we braved a three hour drive with a five month old to St. Louis.  It was hot, but we had such a fun time on our little adventure. 
Fall brought trips to the apple orchard, cheering on Mommy and Daddy at the Wine at the Line race, and trick or treating with our own little monkey.  Aubrey and I cheered on Daddy as he completed a mini-marathon in November.  We traveled even farther in the car, driving five hours, up to Michigan to celebrate Thanksgiving with T's family. 
We had so much fun with Christmas preparations for Aubrey's first Christmas.  She met Santa and Mrs. Claus at school.  We celebrated Christmas Eve with my family, but the best part of all was celebrating Christmas Day at home, just the three of us.  Getting to see Christmas through Aubrey's eyes is going to make the holidays so much more meaningful than they already are. 
I would say that 2012 was an extremely blessed year for us.  And an eventful one at that.  We were married in 2010, built a house and got pregnant in 2011, and we had our first child in 2012.  I think we're going to go easy in 2013.  Maybe redecorate a room.  Paint.  Take a weekend trip.  But no big life milestones this year.  Let's just go easy on this one...
Happy New Year!!!

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