Monday, December 31, 2012

Motivation Monday: New Year Edition

Motivation Monday
So technically this isn't the first Motivation Monday of the year, and I was going to do one of those end of the year posts but decided otherwise.  This Motivation Monday is all about goals for the new year.  Not resolutions because those are too easily broken.  But goals. 
My first goal is to spend more time with my family.  T and I are making it a point to do at least one date night a month so we can spend some time just the two of us.  Too often we get so caught up in the week, work, day-to-day stuff, so we're making it a point to spend more time together as well as more time as a family on the weekends.  Despite the fact that snow storms suck, being stuck at home has been really nice just getting to play around with Aubrey and T.  I'd like to have more time to do things like that.
My second goal is organization.  I keep telling my staff "2013 is the year of organization!"  I'm not an organized person by any means, and it's catching up with me at work, at home, with Mary Kay.  So I have asked T for help, and together we are going to make me more organized.  He's even put together a handy dandy spreadsheet for me so that I'm not scrambling come tax time like I will be this year.  And utilizing my planner at work and maybe, just maybe, experimenting with the online calendar thing so that my staff actually knows what I'm doing and where I am, not left to wonder because I failed to write down in the office calendar what was in my personal one.  (I'm notorious for this.)  My desk at home looks like a landmine hit it, and my office one isn't much better.  I know it'll be a process, but I want to get it started.  2013 is the year of organized Nain. 
I want to maintain my weight loss, not necessarily lose more weight.  Keep up the good eating and healthy habits that I have already started and make it a point to keep those going. 
Lastly, my Mary Kay business.  I've run it for 3 years, but I'm still not running at a profit like I'd like.  I'm facing a bit of a "make it or break it" year.  If I can't get it to the point where I'm feeling comfortable and making the time and effort profitable, I think I will need to pull the plug at the end of the year.  And I don't want to do that.  So I'm going to schedule more appointments, try to reach out to my current clients and make new ones.  I'm going to do all that I can and bust my butt so that come December I won't be closing shop.  I enjoy being a part of Mary Kay too much to do that. 
So those are my goals for the new year.  And I'm motivated to get started.  So let's do this...2013, bring it on!

And I am retroactively linking up to Gretchen at Second Blooming's Spin Cycle.  Stop by and see what other goals people have for the New year!
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  1. ugh tax time... yesterday I was crying because of that... I hate tax time.
    And goals for 2013... well, to be happy, healthy and hopefully have a baby!

  2. Sounds like good goals to me! Good luck lady!

  3. All excellent. I especially identify with the need for the date night. The parents of one of Jude's friends have a date night every single week, and they really are one of the happiest couples I know. Good luck with all of it!

    You are linked!

  4. Great to set goals for the new year! I like them much better than resolutions. And date nights for me is a big one too! And to hopefully buy a house here in RI... That might be more of a dream, though. :-)

  5. Being organized! I love that goal, and it should definitely be on my list, too! Good luck in 2013!


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