Monday, December 17, 2012

A different kind of motivation

Motivation Monday

So I had written an entire post about motivation for getting in shape, losing weight, and what not.  However, in the midst of that, I listened to the President's address during the Interfaith Service for the victims and community of Newtown, Connecticut.  I finished the post and looked at what I had written.  It just didn't seem appropriate. 

My motivation this week is twofold.  One, I will take more time to truly appreciate the blessings in my life.  Ever since reading about the shooting on Friday and keeping updated on the news and media on the horrific tragedy that occurred that morning, my thoughts have gone out to those parents.  And to Aubrey.  I don't know what I would do, how I would cope, how I would even function if anything happened to Aubrey.  The President said it best in his speech when he said that being a parent is similar to having a part of your body on the outside.  She is so much of who I am and who T is.  I hugged her and kissed her that much more when I picked her up from daycare on Friday.  When I walked into that daycare, she beamed up at me, clapping her hands.  So full of innocence.  She knew nothing of the horrible events of the day.  She doesn't know anything about evil.  I want to keep it that way.  I kissed her on the forehead as I put her in her car seat and said "Mommy will never ever let anything bad happen to you ever."  She just smiled at me, no idea what I was saying and no idea why Mommy had tears in her eyes when she said that. 

T and I are so blessed with the angel God has brought to our lives.  And I can imagine each and every parent who lost their baby that day wishes they had said I love you just one more time before sending their child to school that day.  Or kissed them once more.  Or got one more look at their innocent and beautiful face.  I will make a point to take these mental pictures and appreciate them that much more.  Because they are just that - blessings. 

On another level, being mindful of those around me, acting out of kindness and not irritation.  I too often do this, but tragedies like this make you realize how important it is to be considerate and kind to your fellow man.  And I pray for those parents and families and the entire community.  And I will use this senseless event as a reminder that life is fleeting.  And it's too short to not appreciate others around you and to let them know that you do.  And to smile.  And be nice to that stranger you meet in line at the store.  Life is just too short.

So yes, I totally deleted the entire post I had written, but I think I like this one better.  It's Sunday night as I write this, and once I hit publish, I think I'm going to take one more tip toe into Aubrey's room and just watch her peacefully sleep for just a little longer. 

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  1. I've heard and read about that. It's heart-breaking.
    Love your post.


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