Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Aubrey's First Christmas

It's been a busy few days what with snow storm Euclid and Aubrey's first Christmas, but I have managed to upload pictures from our holiday.  We had a wonderful Christmas, spending time with my family on Christmas Eve, just the three of us Christmas Day and then T's parents arrive tomorrow.  They were supposed to arrive today, but with the foot of snow we got today, those plans were delayed.  But, here are the pictures! 
Mommy and Aubrey waiting to open presents.  I actually got Aubrey to look up at the camera.  This was a feat in and of itself.

Opening toys from Grandma.  We got so many toys we don't know what to do with all of them!

Daddy and Aubrey ready for church.  God, I love her in this dress...

Mommy and Aubrey.  Our camera can't do pictures with things in motion too well, but she's waving at the camera...

Christmas 2012 family picture

After church, we had to feed her, so that meant off with the dress.  This is her new thing that my sister taught her.  She goes "oh my!" and puts her hands up on her head.  It's too funny. 

After she got a quick bite to eat, we stopped at my parent's neighbor's party, got her Christmas jammies on and headed home. We drove around our neighborhood for a bit and looked at the lights, hoping we could get her to sleep, but the poor thing was so sick over the past few days and couldn't stop coughing. So we ended up heading home for Santa to arrive...

She has a small tree in her bedroom, so we put a small gift in there for her to open when she first got up.  She was so excited when we brought her downstairs.  So many things to touch, she didn't know where to start.

Mommy and Aubrey opening up gifts.  She loved her Elmo cell phone Santa brought her.

Gifts from T's family out East...

Santa brought her a riding toy!  She's still a little small for it, but she liked it.

We made a big breakfast, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and Aubrey got to try pancakes for the first time.  I think she enjoyed them...

Afterwards we played with toys for the rest of the day.  She got this activity/ball table where you put the balls up at the top of this table, push a button and this thing starts playing music that I can only compare to some kind of video game music you would hear at the arcade at the bowling alley, and the platform on top rises, spilling the balls everywhere.  She loves this thing.  And I crack up every time it plays because it's like fist-pumping music. 

In between naps, T and I managed to pull off a big Christmas dinner.  T made an awesome honey-glazed ham, and we enjoyed some mulled wine and just laid around all day.  It was glorious.  Of course, we laid around the next day too with the snowmageddon 2012, so for two days in a row we got some good, qualify family time in.  Great first Christmas!
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Now to work on one of those "year recap" posts.... 


  1. Those pictures are adorable! I love the first one of you and Aubrey, and the one of all three of you! Definitely frame worthy :) So glad you are having such a wonderful Christmas!

  2. So much fun to have a Christmas with a little one to give to...


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