Thursday, December 13, 2012


No post bad!  I have reasons, of course.  The first being I decided Sunday that it would be a stellar idea to spill water on my lap top.  I mean, it wasn't much water, but....RIP Nain's computer.  I'm currently using a work one for a whole other reason...but...writing blogs might be a little difficult until the new one arrives. It's my Christmas present for the years 2012-2015. 
Anyway, why do you have the computer from work with you, you say?  Well, Nain is working from home today.  Because the lil' one has caught the pink eye.  Yuck.  I had to pick her up from daycare early Wednesday because of gunk coming out of her eye and sure enough...yep, pink eye.  Spreading to both eyes.  She's in otherwise good spirits, other than the teething pain.  (Parents of the year here failed to notice she got a third tooth this week - whoo, go us!)  I just hate seeing her beautiful eyes all pink and goopy. 
But I promise to try to post as much as I can.  Maybe write ahead while I have this computer....hmmmm.....
Until then I'll be following my nine month old around with a can of Lysol and trying my damnedest to not touch my eyes and ignore the phantom itching in my right eye. 
Oh children....I guess it could be worse.  It could be lice.  Oh shit.  Knock on wood.  Totally don't want to jinx myself there.
And no, my right eye is not itching.  Nope.  Not itching. 
Where's my Lysol?

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  1. Oh no! Windex your eye, maybe that will help! ;)


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