Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Light distractions

Quick.  Someone tell me what to write about.  Sitting here, Monday night, trying to think of something...anything to write about.  All I can think of is "damn, my throat hurts, I don't feel well, my head hurts and I better not be getting sick."  And then my mind wanders to the tragedy from last week and the heartbreaking news that two of the little boys that were murdered last Friday were buried today.  And I'm worried about the fact I have a hearing and will be in court since forever.  All heavy thoughts.  So I need some positivity. 
So thinking about what things make me happy...the first thing I'm currently enjoying right now.  Silk Chocolate Mint. Hot.  It's pretty delicious.  And it makes me feel pretty damn good, helping the sore throat just a tad. 
Kisses from my girl.  And playing with her.  Just the little things.  I had her on the floor in her nursery tonight, and she would toss a diaper out of her diaper box, I would throw the diaper back in, she would look at me and smile and throw it right back out, I threw it back in, we both giggle and so on.  Memories I will always cherish. 
Laughing with T over inside jokes, no matter how inappropriate. 
Resting my head on T's shoulder as he puts his arm around me. 
Excitement over the fact that tonight is, in fact, the series finale of Gossip Girl.  It is being recorded on DVR as I type.  Yes, I am that girl.  Deal with it. 
Brian Williams.  I heart Brian Williams. 
Christmas cards - I love this time of year, that we get mail that doesn't make me sad or freak out over the "balance due." 
Silk Chocolate Mint.  Damn.  It's good. 
So those are just a few things.  No, it doesn't take away the weight of all of the hardships out there.  But it's the little things.  They keep you sane. 
Now let me enjoy the rest of my Silk Chocolate Mint. 


  1. Silk chocolate mint?!? I need some of that!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! But it sounds like you've got it right - finding good in each day. :-)


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