Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sick little girl

I know they say it's a good thing that kids go to daycare and get sick because they do develop an immune system, and that's all well and good.  But the constant getting sick thing gets old.  And I find myself resenting other mothers in Aubrey's room who clearly bring their very sick child into daycare so that he/she can infect every other baby in there.  Thus was the case with our Christmas.  Said child was brought into daycare the Thursday before Christmas break.  We saw the kid and the mother leaving the kid in the room.  And I swear I remember saying to T, "Aubrey better not get sick."  Well...poor little girl has been coughing and stuffy for well over a week.  Coughing all through the night to the point where she makes herself cry.  I imagine it hurts after awhile.  So I took her to the doctor today after the cough turned into wheezing.  My Mommy instinct was telling me something was up and that it was more than just a "cold." 
So I now have a sick little (teething) girl who has croup and two bad ear infections.  I hate croup.  We have a humidifier going in her room, her head propped up on a pillow, you name it, but she coughs.  All...freaking...night.  And other than putting her in a steaming room or in somewhere cold, there is no other remedy. 
With the New Year, we'll be bringing Miss Aubrey to see an ENT because this is now her fifth ear infection (second double ear infection).  My money is on the fact we'll be getting tubes in her ears in 2013.  It'll be Aubrey's turn to rack up the high medical bills.  (I wonder if 2014 will be T's year?) 
I had a scare later this evening, too.  Remember her incident at the E.R. with intussuseption?  She suddenly woke from her afternoon nap screaming, very similarly to when she had that.  And I swear years were added to my life as I held onto my screaming child, praying that the pain would subside.  I believe she just felt like all over crap, but my heart stopped just thinking about having to take her to the E.R. 
However, my heart did melt this evening, as I was rocking Aubrey to sleep before bed.  She was eating her bottle, lights off in the room with the noise machine on, and I leaned in to kiss her forehead and said "I love you so much, sweetie."  She pushed the bottle out of her mouth, looked me right in the eye and grabbed my cheek, leaning in and kissing me.  It's moments like those that make all of those times where I get a few extra gray hairs from worrying about her so worth it. 
God, I love that little girl, croup and all.


  1. Poor Aubrey (and mom). I hope she feels better soon. Our oldest was constantly getting ear infections. The tubes did the trick.

  2. I remember my sister had tubes a lot. But then again, she got all kinds of stuff so that I'd have nothing left to get. Messed up teeth, epilepsy, husband that looks like David Crosby...

  3. Oh that last part made me cry, so sweet!! Poor baby, poor mommy!!!

  4. I'm with Sarah, that last part made me cry.

    I am so sorry that your sweetie is sick (AND teething). I've never bought into the "daycare is good because they develop a strong immune system" because when they get sick frequently their immune system doesn't have a chance to recover. (In my opinion). And I am with you on other mom's bringing their sick babies in. If it's any consolation most (but not all) sickness are contagious before any signs of sickness. That still doesn't excuse the parents for being so callous to the health of other babies.

    Praying with you for her!
    Lily-thinking thoughts


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