Monday, December 10, 2012

Motivation Monday: Success!

Motivation Monday

Happy Motivation Monday all of you out there!  I hate Mondays, but at least this is one that is on the final countdown to a holiday and a break from the monotony of work.  And it's a good Motivation Monday because.....

I have reached my goal weight!!!!

Whoo!  Happy dance!

Seriously, it feels pretty freaking awesome.  I'm not going to say exactly what that goal weight is, but let's just say it's close to what I weighed my junior and senior years of college.  So I'm pretty happy because I haven't been this size in awhile.  According to the doctor I've been working with, I've lost a total of 25 pounds of fat.  The water weight fluctuates daily of course, as it does with anyone.  She wants me to go down 5 more pounds just so I have a cushion so I am still working towards that. 

The thing I'm focusing on now is body composition.  I need to build more muscle mass in relation to fat in my body.  With my heart condition, I can't really do any heavy lifting so resistance training is something I'll need to add to my routine.  That and the dietitian has recommended I increase the amount of protein I consume during the day.  Right now I'm eating one in the morning, usually after my workout, and the one that was recommended to me is pretty tasty - Pure Protein:  Revolution.  The thing looks and tastes like a Snickers bar, seriously.  And it does fill you up.  So I'll have that immediately after my workout and then have my smoothie on the way to work.  I did worry that having a protein bar would add too many calories and cause me to gain weight, but I've been assured (and read the label showing the calories are low) that it won't.  So let's see how this works. 

On another note - I need to go shopping!  Hoping I get gift cards for Christmas because my pants are hanging off of me, and I don't consider that to be a bad thing...but, I do need to dress for work.  So I guess I better hit the stores, then! 

Excited but very motivated to keep up the progress and maintain the weight as it is.  What's your motivation for this week?

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