Thursday, January 17, 2013

Distaste of winter

Second Blooming
So this week's spin for the Spin Cycle with Gretchen at Second Blooming is winter.  Oh, winter.  I am so not a fan of winter.  Hate the cold, hate the snow, hate driving in the snow....See, I'm from Huntsville, Alabama, originally, and it was rare when we got snow.  When we did, it shut the city down for days.  But up here in Indiana?  No, you have to go to school/work, whatever.  Sure, that white stuff is just beautiful falling from the sky, but that is only if you don't exit the house, let alone get behind the wheel and venture out on the road. 
I have my reasons for the distaste of winter driving, so it isn't without justification.  Part of one of my past jobs was to travel the state to hold trainings.  All over the state, including the northern corners of Indiana.  I had a training pretty much near Michigan one day, and being the genius I was, I Mapquested it, thought "sure, it's snowing, but I'll still get there in the same amount of time," and headed up I-69 in a snow storm.  I get about 30 minutes on my way, and I spin off the Interstate.  Not going fast, mind you.  No, we were crawling at 35 mph.  (Yes, we could have gone slower, but I was just following the people in front of me.)  I spun off along with the person in front of me and behind me.  Doing a complete 360 turn on a normally busy Interstate and going down into a ditch isn't fun.  And I, in my great stubborn wisdom, thought "I can still get there" and proceeded to try to drive my 2004 Saturn Ion back up the hill onto the Interstate.  Fail.  Needless to say I had to wait a bit for a tow truck to come get me and that work trip was cancelled.  And ever since I have been petrified to drive in the snow. 
Growing up in Alabama, we never learned your normal "winter" sports or activities either.  I have actually never been sledding.  Ever.  In fact, I bet the first time we take Aubrey sledding is the first time that I go sledding.  Ice skating?  Only if I'm holding onto the wall the entire time.  I tried skiing once in sixth grade on a class field trip.  I couldn't make it down the bunny hill once without falling on my face, and then I couldn't figure out how to get back up.  So I laid on the snow, spread eagle until one of the instructors came to get me.  (It was rather traumatic, as you can tell.)
I would be perfectly fine with skipping winter all together.  The only good thing about it now is Aubrey's birthday is in the winter.  But other than that, I'm totally good with it being spring.  Any day now....
Let's see if other Spinners are a wee bit more positive than I am about this season!  Stop by Gretchen's and see what others have to say.


  1. I was born in Florida, lived in Missouri and California until I was 7 and then we moved to Wyoming where we get winter full on. Since I grew up in it, I'm OK with going out in it, but will admit that I love using the weather as an excuse to stay home.

  2. Growing up in Texas was much like Alabama. We got snow every few years, but it wasn't a big issue. And I had one of those spinouts also, when I was living in Dallas. Scared me to death! But strangely, every time we're in New York and it snows, Jimmy's parents make ME drive. They have decided that I'm the best and safest driver in the snow. Which I think is hysterical, since I have absolutely the LEAST experience!

    You are linked!

  3. I still loathe driving in the snow, and without even the good reason you have. It is my least favorite part of winter for sure!


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