Tuesday, January 15, 2013

11 months!

Today Aubrey is 11 months old. Eleven months...we're almost to that one year mark, which, to me, is unbelievable. Eleven months ago, this is what I wrote. We had just gotten the c-section date, and I was wondering how much larger I could get. We were worried that Half-pint would arrive early...dreading the weekend of the Superbowl in Indianapolis, absolutely certain that she would arrive that weekend and we'd have to take an ambulance to the hospital. So much has changed from then until now.

For instance, my little girl who I thought was just SO big inside of me is 26 lbs and 1 oz. I couldn't have even imagined it back then. And she's mobile, too. The little bugger is crawling all over the place, finding holes in all of our baby-proofing in the house. She's babbling away, saying words like "mom" and "dada" when she sees me and Tim. She's mimicking motions and sounds we make. She's eating solid food. She's pulling herself up. So many things have changed. It's just absolutely crazy to think about it.
Like I said, she's a crawler. She's a late crawler, but like her Mommy, she does things on her own time, not when others want her to do them. If she wants something, she gets it. She'll find the most random things and go after them. Oh, that pen on the coffee table, way out of her reach. She'll spot that and try like hell to get to it. That TV remote behind me as I'm leaning up against the couch? She'll crawl over to me, climb up and snuggle me, get me all "sweet baby, I love you," and then she'll reach of my shoulder and get said remote. Little stinker.
She's such a little person, and every day she's getting more and more of a personality. I love watching her develop and discover. It's exhausting chasing after her, but it is still so worth it.
Anyway, aside from all of that, since this has turned into an Aubrey update post, we will be taking her to an ENT next Tuesday. She's had ear infections a great deal of her young life, and it seems every time we go in, she has fluid in her ears. On Sunday she wasn't herself and was tugging at her ears, so T stayed home with her Monday to take her in. Double ear infections. So it looks like we'll be getting tubes. It's not certain until after next Tuesday, but six ear infections in 11 months is a lot. It freaks me out because it's surgery. Routine surgery, but she still gets general anesthesia and will be in a room away from me having surgery. I don't like that. But if it's what is best so she's not in pain like this all the time, then we must do it. But don't think for a second I won't be pacing around, tears in eyes while we wait.

We're in the planning stages for her party, holding it on February 16th for family and some friends. I debated the idea of doing a Sesame Street theme, but given her nursery theme, I've decided on monkeys. She is our little monkey, after all! But man, it's so crazy to think I'm doing this already!
Where did all of those months go?


  1. I remember those days of crawling and trying to get everything they are not supposed to. Like everyone will tell you, ENJOY IT!

  2. Those little people do have a talent for getting into things they shouldn't. It doesn't go away as they get older. Just saying.

  3. So exciting! Can't believe she is almost 1!


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