Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Birthday rundown

First birthday has come and gone.  It was one hell of a whirlwind and one busy weekend.  She's one.  I still am having a hard time grasping that concept. 
Anyway, a rundown on the weekend....we had Aubrey's doctor's appointment on her actual birthday, Friday.  I'm not going to go into that because I don't want to hamper this post with negativity, but suffice it to say I'm glad Aubrey won't remember it.  Anyway, after a nap to sleep off the trauma, we awoke to open presents. 

Aubrey loves her Sesame Street characters, but taking a picture or rather sitting still for a picture?  Yeah, not so much. 

We had homemade (cheese - Lent) pizza and yellow cake with chocolate icing.  This was my first cake, and I loved it then and love it now. 

So I would only assume that my offspring would feel the same way. Yep. Not so much.  She took one taste of the chocolate icing, made a face, scooped up the entire piece of cake she had on her tray and dropped it on the floor.  Her dessert of preference?  A teething cookie.  I'm not sure she's mine.  I know she came out of me, but to turn down sweets AND chocolate? 

The next day was our big family/friends birthday party.  We chose a monkey theme to go along with her nursery.  We got the cake from the same place where we had our wedding cake, and as usual, they did not disappoint.

We even got a free smash cake for Little Miss.  Isn't it cute?

Now the party....yeah....I got everything set up, and Subway was to arrive to deliver our lunches at 11:30.  I kept watching the clock, 11:45, noon, party starts, 12:15...you get the picture.  Let's just say I spent from 11:45 to 12:45 or so on the phone with the good people at Subway.  I don't blame the catering center, but I blame the incompetence of the franchisee who received and was supposed to deliver the order.  It was absolutely ridiculous and I missed an hour of my daughter's party.  Yes, we got the order 50 percent off, but I was such a mess by the time it got there.  All of that trouble...because of these?  Seriously?  Jimmy Johns next time....

Damn you, Subway.
Shoveling in the food, then came present time.  And Aubrey got quite the haul.  She noticed some of them, but maintaining the attention of a one year old for too long is definitely not easy.

There she goes :-) But hey, Mommy had a wonderful time opening her presents!

Then came the cake.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous bringing something on fire towards her, but I think I kept back at a safe enough distance...


She wasn't so sure about this cake.  I mean, what with the cake from the night before...she wasn't too impressed....

Sweet icing - definitely a tough first bite....

"Ah, to hell with it....I'm going for it..."

All of this cake really works up  a thirst....

And here we have the finished product....

It was a pretty good day for Miss Aubrey, which was all we wanted.  We were so blessed to be surrounded by so many loved ones.  And that little girl crashed hard by the end of the day.  Happy one year, baby girl!  You're officially a toddler now.  God help us...


  1. Happy Birthday to Aubrey! So glad it was a nice celebration for all of you (despite the sandwiches!)

  2. Almost brought me to tears that she's already 1. But the cake pics got me smiling. Glad she had a great time!

  3. Happy Birthday Aubrey! That picture with the cake-covered sippy cup is the best, love it!! Here's when the real fun starts! Their little personalities bloom so much in this year (although it's likely I will say that again next year when she turns two)...

  4. Aw happy birthday Aubrey!,, looks like it was a great weekend!


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