Monday, February 4, 2013

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Another week, another Motivation Monday!  Struggling with the motivation this morning, which could be because of the winter blahs...who knows.  I did so well exercising this weekend, but this morning?  Getting out of my bed just wasn't happening.  Here's hoping (making sure) that that isn't a regular occurrence this week. 

So pretty cool thing I got last week - I am a "fan" of Premier Protein" on Facebook.  I love my protein bars with my smoothie first thing in the morning, and often, during the weekends, I'll have a protein shake as a lunch when I'm busy running around.  You'd be surprised at how low fat and filling these things are.  So I told them about the success I've had with weight loss, and look what I got!  One awesome care package with samples and everything!  Four protein shakes and six protein bars!  (Yes, this excites's kind of sad the things that excite me these days, huh?)

 Anyway, the important part of consuming more protein has to do with my mini-marathon training, as well as working to change my body composition.  Now that I've reached my goal weight, it's key that I work on building muscle, replacing fat.  So this is one helpful push in that direction.
T and I are both training for the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon on May 4th, and as a part of this training, we've signed up for three training races - the first being this Saturday, a 5k.  The next one is a 10k in March and then a 15k in April.  Since I'm hoping to run some of the 13.1 miles in May, these races are important so I can build my endurance.  So far, I'm only able to really do 30 minute runs in the morning, so I'm hoping if the weather clears up every now and then, I can actually get outside and run outside.  Because running on the treadmill is a little easier than running on the road.  Stupid Indiana winters!
So my training is my motivation for this week.  I still have a ways off, and I know at the very least I can speed walk a mini-marathon.  But I really want to challenge myself more this time around.  So we shall see!
What's your motivation for the week?  If you should feel so inclined, write a post of your own, leaving a link to it here, and I'll add you to the post! 

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  1. I have always wanted to be a runner! The thought of having such control over my body is exhilarating! Maybe it's not too late.

    Good for you!!!


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