Monday, February 11, 2013

Motivation Monday!

Motivation Monday

Dear God, how is it Monday already?  Not cool.  Oh well.  Back to the same old same old.  But...I'll try my best to keep myself motivated this week.  I definitely have some work deadlines looming, so this will be on busy week.  But I'm going to lean towards fitness for motivation this week.  I say this as I sit here on the couch stuffed beyond from a nice dinner with friends - I kind of went off the diet this, garlic bread, baked spaghetti, and apple pie.  Bad, Nain, bad.  Oh but it tasted so right.  But it is funny how I can't eat as much as I used to be able to.  I never got this ridiculously stuffed before.  But I feel like someone inflated a giant balloon inside me.

Anyway....I digress....

I did kind of deserve to go off the diet today (Sunday) because on Saturday I did run a 5k training run in preparation for the Mini-Marathon in May.  I am actually pretty proud of myself.  I ran it in 35:40, which is a 11:30 mile!  The biggest accomplishment of this is I ran the entire first mile.  It might not be a big deal to some but to me?  I was pumped.  So happy dance for Nain!  Our next training run is early March, and it is a 10k.  So I need to keep going.  Let's see how much I can run then.

It's so easy for me during the week to hit the snooze a few times and then be all "oh, it's too late to work out" so no.  I can't do that this week.  Must...get...up...So that's my motivation this week.  To keep going, keep training.  I can do this!  We did get a training schedule from a program we did through a running store in the area a few years ago, and from what I see on there, I'm not too far off.  So that's promising! 

So that's my motivation to keep myself going.  What's yours?  Write up a little post about it and link it up!  Let's stay motivated together!!!

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