Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Really? Already?

Hey, know what happens in 10 days?  This little girl turns 1!

Yep, one.  One year old.  Seriously?  But every time I turn around, there's something new.  She's growing up so much.  Reading and what not....

Crawling?   Yes, she's crawling.  Everywhere!  Poking holes in all of Mommy and Daddy's hard work at baby proofing.   She's in the living room playing with her toys, and we're in the kitchen making dinner...and she wants to see us?  What do I hear?  The pitter patter of little hands hitting the floor as she makes her way to the kitchen.  She's got places to go, man!  She's pulling herself up, too, so really we're just weeks away from the walking.  And when that happens?  God help us all.

Teething.  Oh, the teething.  Poor girl has like five teeth coming in on top and one on the bottom at the same time.  So this last weekend, she was a treat, if you know what I mean.  And she's taking to chewing on everything in site.  Apparently wooden end tables, too.  (Note the standing.)

So yeah, in ten days, she's one.  Absolute craziness.  I know people say the time flies, but they are seriously right, because it really has.  Well, not the long five months of sleep deprivation...but other than that?  Time has flown.
By the way, think positive thoughts this Thursday as Miss Aubrey gets tubes in her ears.  Surgery, and Mommy is nervous.  So positive thoughts, positive thoughts...
Now I better go check the rest of my furniture for bite marks.....


  1. Eeeek! How did that happen?!? Happy birthday little girl! And I will definitely be thinking positive thoughts!

  2. Never can get over how fast that first year goes...

  3. I'm sorry did you say 1??? How in the hell?? Man o man she is cute and so big!


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