Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One of those days....

Most people don't like Mondays, so it's fair to say I don't as well.  But yesterday?  Yesterday particularly sucked.  It was one of those days where you just think "you know, I should just turn this car around and head back home." 
It started off with a bang.  Midnight.   Aubrey crying.  It's her new thing...she cries for no reason in the middle of the night, sitting up, wanting us to go in there.  It's like here we are at step one all over again.  So needless to say, T and I weren't getting any sleep.  Sleep deprivation equals unreasonable arguing.  Both falling asleep mad.  Both waking up tired and irritated.  T was sick so he stayed home, and I had an appointment before I could head to work, so I hurried and got Aubrey ready to take with me, letting the daycare know we'd be late. 
So I get ready to leave.  And I know I'm not the world's best parker by any means, but apparently I parked rather crooked, and as I backed into the driveway, I drove right into T's beloved lawn.  Dammit.  Dirt all over the driveway and tire marks on the grass.  I make it just in time for my appointment, and we get out around 8:30.  I head to the daycare.  Pulling into the parking lot, I realize I forgot my badge to get in.  They have become quite strict with this since Newton, so I had to buzz in and identify myself before being let in.  I get to the classroom, and at this point it's already past breakfast but Aubrey hadn't eaten breakfast so I had to nicely request to the annoyed teacher that she feed her breakfast.  Then I realize I left my bottles for the day in the car.  I scramble out, get them, they buzz me in again, and then I forget to "sign" her in.  They normally charge for this, but I explained the situation when I got there to pick her up in the afternoon.  The ladies sympathized with me because they could tell I was flustered and clearly having a bad day.
Since I had gotten no sleep, I didn't really do much to get ready.  Hair pulled in a messy bun, wet, and not enough makeup to cover my dark circles.  So of course, someone points that out at work.  So I go to the restroom to do a little touch up, though honestly I'm not sure it makes a difference.  Through the course of the day, I manage to get a phone call from an employee I let go (awkward) and a resignation from a board member. Also, one of my employees tells me something I can't share, but needless to say though it's a good thing it'll be a little stressful for a few months.  Meaning I'll need to take on some more duties.   I barely get anything accomplished, even though I have about 50 (OK, being dramatic) grants due in March.  I rush out to get Miss Aubrey in time, and honestly, with the day I was having, I was lucky I remembered to get her.  Luckily when I got home, T had done so much around the house, cooking dinner, preparing shakes for the morning, fed Aubrey, let me exercise and poured me a glass of wine.  (Isn't he a keeper?) 
So needless to say, I'm ready for a redo.  It's Tuesday, and I'm working from home, getting ready to head downtown for an important meeting, and then run errands to get ready for Aubrey's big party this weekend.  Praying the rest of the week goes smoothly.  And I should probably try to avoid driving onto grass in the future.  Just sayin'.

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