Monday, February 25, 2013

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Goood morning!  Back to another week and all of that.  So while I was better last week at the whole exercising thing, I did let myself fall prey to the remaining Valentine's candy and Aubrey birthday treats.  But they are gone.  All gone from the house.  BUT, yeah...not so good.  I haven't had a check-in with my dietitian in a month or so and won't see her until the end of March, but I think this week I need to do food logs for the week.  Just to keep myself in check and make sure I'm watching my portions and my exchanges.  It's been nice not having to do it every day for every freaking meal, but it is good to keep myself accountable,  So that's part of my motivation for the week.

The second part?  Um, training.  I looked briefly at the schedule we got for beginner runner training for the mini marathon, and I was supposed to do 75 minutes this last week.  Yeah, the most I've done is 45 minutes, and we have a 10k (6.2 miles) coming up on March 9th.  So I'm not sure I'm ready for that.  T is, but me?  Not so much.  But I have a few weeks or rather, a couple, so let's get this started.  I was able to run for 45 minutes straight the other day on the treadmill.  The thing that makes me nervous is running outside because it is significantly harder, BUT I am determined!  I WILL do this! 

So what motivation do you need this week?  Join in on the fun and link up a post of your own!  Here's to a productive (and quick) week!

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