Thursday, February 21, 2013

Don't give up

Trying super hard to not get discouraged this week.  Yesterday, I got home from work, just feeling like "blah."  T wanted to know if I was mad at him, but no...just needed a hug.  Just one of those days where you feel like you basically suck.  Does anyone else have those?  Is it just me?  Or the winter blues? 
I ended up consuming six chocolate candies yesterday, totally off my diet, and of course, I was beating myself up over that.  I had 3 Mary Kay appointments scheduled this week, hoping to make some extra money to pay off more towards a credit card payment, but all three cancelled.  And I have 2 grants due, at the beginning of March.  And when is that?  Oh, shit, that's next week?  Really? 
So I'm beating myself up today, but trying to remember this...
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  1. I've felt that way a bit lately and do from time to time. For me it's when I feel too busy to accomplish anything! Hang in there friend this too shall pass. And don't beat yourself up about the candy everyone gets a little off.


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