Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 1 of 5

 I'm not going to lie...on a scale of one to ten, I'm on about an 11 or 12 of not wanting to start the work week this week.  If I could just extend the weekend throughout the rest of this week, I would be sailing easy.  Seriously, I cannot emphasize enough how much I do not want to start this week. we are.  It was a busy, albeit good weekend.  Going into this weekend, I honestly was not quite sure how everything would be.  It did not start off too well with the Friday from hell. This is an accurate depiction of how I felt by the end of the day on Friday: 

It was bad.  Just really really incredibly bad.  I will not go into why because, well...I don't like talking about stuff like that here, but it was bad. 

Anyway, I needed some good Aubrey time this weekend...I promised T he would get to do man-like things and have a "T day" so Aubrey and I headed north to see the family for the day while we left T to putter around the house and take care of things he keeps saying he never has time to do.  (Am I not an awesome wife or what?)  I love getting to see Aubrey and her cousins play, and I know it means a lot for my mom and dad to see Aubrey.  So we hung out there for awhile until Aubrey was at that point of exhaustion where she's screaming and throwing herself back at the littlest thing.  Funny enough, as soon as I turned onto the highway just five minutes from my parent's house, she was out like a light.  But she had fun, and that is all that counts.

Sunday, we did not do much.  Well, T did more stuff around the house but Aubrey and I just kind of hung out as I got some sort of stomach bug and felt like death run over.  Or....maybe it could have been stress-related from the above depiction?  Regardless, we hung out, watched a little Colts football, did some reading (I can now do the entire Fox and Socks tongue twister book without missing a beat.) and of course, watched Sesame.  And tried my best to not think about the week looming ahead.  But here we are.  Day 1 of 5. 

What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, right? 


  1. I guess "What doesn't fill you makes you stronger" is one way to look at it. Anything to make a bad situation good. Sorry you had a bad weekend, but the not wanting to go to work thing was always a constant for me. I enjoyed my work once I got there, but I sure hated to leave the house.

  2. You will get through it! Day 1 is almost over.

  3. So we'll all be tough zombies someday, right?


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