Friday, September 27, 2013

T to the G to the I to the F!

What better way to end this week than with a random Friday post?  I could not think of a better way to celebrate Friday!  Random?  What what?  So here we go....
This is an indication of where my mind has been lately.  The other day my office had two engineer volunteers come to our office to wipe out computers that were damaged in a fire that took place in the office in 2009 so they could be recycled.  All fun stuff, right?  I had no idea what I was doing so getting nerd help was definitely alright by me.  Anyway, so as I'm leading these incredibly smart (and dry) men to the conference room, I attempt to unlock the door.  With my car key.  And they didn't think it was funny.  Hmmm...
Two words for something on my mind lately:  cancer. sucks. 
So the other day, I was not able to pack my lunch, and well, the only place that delivers and is not pizza where I work is the Jimmy Johns.  I love me some Jimmy Johns.  And it was a particularly craptastic day that I ordered myself a chocolate chunk cookie.  And it was glorious, I tell you, glorious.  Can we say stress eating?
I can't keep track of how quickly Aubrey is growing and learning.  She knows body parts, she knows the names of her Sesame Street, animal sounds, counts along with the numbers on Sesame Street...I mean, seriously, she needs to slow down.  She's already going on 20 months.  Not ready for her to be 2 yet, no, not yet.
We have had luck finding a sitter through, but did you know they also had listings for personal assistants?  Seriously - people who will go run my errands, clean the house, organize my desk...keep my life sane.  Personal assistants.  Dammit, I want one.  Why can't I make enough money to pay for someone to keep myself straight?  Hell, I could pay someone to just clean out my inbox. Oh well...someday, my friends, someday....
So this weekend will hopefully be an uneventful one.  We're hoping to get a 5 mile run in to prepare for next week's Wine at the Line race.  God, I hope I'm ready.  That and going to an apple orchard with the Aubs.  I have been dying to decorate the house for fall, too.  I do realize how sad it is that I now get excited about decorating my house for fall....but, I don't care.  Yay fall!
If you are looking for a little light reading for the weekend, here's what I've been writing in between bouts of nervous breakdowns, so check it out:
ModVive piece - this got a little emotional for me:  Child Abuse and why some people don't deserve to live:
Another piece on child abuse and the adults that come from this:
A piece on teaching children about different holidays:
Have a lovely weekend everyone!  If you choose to read through these stories, which I hope you will, definitely don't end on the first one.  End on a high note...maybe read that piece on Pope Francis :-)


  1. Kids do grow too fast. I decided that I have to stop blinking. Every time I do, my boys out grow something. Or come up with something smart I didn't know they knew.

  2. You realize, of course, you put the obituary link on the Pope story, as well...


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