Thursday, September 19, 2013

I do and always will

I promised that I'd post something about my anniversary other than what I posted yesterday, but first I wanted to let T read it.  See, we decided this year instead of exchanging cards, we would exchange letters.  So here is mine :-)

Three years ago, you and I were joined as one.  It is hard to believe that it has actually been three years since it feels like just yesterday.  I remember that moment, after Father Don had us recite our vows; we lit the unity candle and sat down. You looked over at me and whispered “We’re married now!”  It was hands-down the happiest moment of my life, only seconded by the day we welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world.  I waited all my life for you.  I didn’t realize it, but God had a plan.  He placed you in my life at the right time and the right place for the right reasons.  In those times where I doubted whether he ever had a plan, whether I’d ever find that right someone in my life, he knew. He knew that on June 25, 2008, I would meet my soul mate and my life would be complete.  You see, before you, I was just wandering through life.  You give me that strength and support that I always needed.  You are that light in my life that was missing for so long.  It’s like the lyrics of our first song “All this time, I felt so confused.  Then came you, and I just knew.” 

It is funny because we were both at that Race for the Cure that April of 2008.  We could have passed each other getting ready for the race.  There’s no way we would ever know.  We could have met each other then, but no, God had another plan.  And I’m pretty happy with how that plan played out.

I love you for so many reasons, though I do not say those words often enough and I should.  I love you for everything about who you are – your smile, the love I see in your eyes, your humor, your intelligence, your drive, your love for our daughter, your forgiveness and your unwavering support for me. 

They say love is a choice.  You get up each morning and choose to love your spouse.  To me, that choice is an easy one.  I hope that I do show you ever day just how much I love you, because I do, more than you will ever know. 

Three years ago today, I said “I do.”  Three years from that date, I still do.  And I always will.  I swear to you that I will always stand by your side, in good times and in bad.  I will love you forever, grow in love with you more each day.  Happy anniversary, sweetie.  I love you so much, today, tomorrow and always.


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