Wednesday, September 25, 2013

White flag

  This week has chewed me up and spat me out.  Seriously, I couldn't be more over this week than I already am, hence my lack of posting and my lack of articles this week.  I can't really go into why this week has sucked so monumentally per se, but it has.  I haven't been keeping track of the days, but it has come to my attention that tomorrow is Thursday.  Thank.  God. 
I'd like to go back to the weekend, if possible.  Last weekend, that is.  T and I actually got to have a couple night, going out to dinner for our anniversary.  Adult meal, bottle of wine, lovely view of the city at night, and incredibly awesome dessert.  It was all mine, too.  Two words:  Peach Cobbler.  Hell yeah.  This weekend is a bit more low key and honestly I could use it after this week.
I remember when I was a kid, I dreaded Sundays because it meant going back to school.  I still get that with the work week, but sometimes...I have those moments where I'm like "you know, having my biggest worry being homework doesn't sound half bad."  Maybe I could go back to those days for a bit, but not high school days...we're talking elementary school.  No responsibility, people cooked and did stuff for you, you played and your homework was easy. 
I'm rambling for you, but like I said, it's been one of those weeks.  So you get one of "these" posts but I am a firm believer in at least posting something, right?  Okay, I'll at least leave you with these adorable dear daughter and her cousin BFF.  If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will!


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