Monday, September 30, 2013

Mommy gut reaction

Sometimes I think I am paranoid when it comes to Aubrey but other times...I don't know.  I just get a gut feeling sometimes.  It'll eat at me, but it's a gut feeling.  That was the case with last week. 
Aubrey was "off" last week.  It was not a huge deal, but it was noticeable.  Whenever she is dropped off at daycare she's usually like "peace out, you guys!" and runs off to play.  She was like that on Monday but for the remainder of the week she was hesitant and clingy to Mommy, not wanting us to leave.  Hell, on Wednesday she cried as she watched us leave the room.  And then I cried.  And she wanted to bring her butterfly with her and wouldn't let go of it when we left.  It was just weird for her, very un-Aubrey-like. 

So Friday we get a note saying that her teacher she has known since she has been in the toddler room since May or so was "let go" last Friday.  The second teacher she started with (they were the team in the room) left for another class in an older level but this lady was just fired.  And I'm not sure why, but still...she was let go on the 20th and we were notified on the 27th.  I thought it was weird because that teacher was always there in the morning when we dropped Aubrey off.  But T and I thought that she was just on vacation for the week, hence why they had the helper teachers there in the morning, the ones that only are in there when someone is sick or needs to leave the room for break. 
So yeah, no, it was because they fired her teacher, and they wrote us a note a week later letting us know.  I love her daycare, don't get me wrong, but they couldn't have let the parents know sooner?  I mean, I work in Human Resources so I'm sure what they did was wait for a Friday so we couldn't cause a stink.  But a whole week went by, and you know, kids at that age need consistency.  They get attached to their teachers, they trust them.  On Wednesday morning when we had that bad moment leaving her, the room was just chaotic.  I knew one of the teachers somewhat but barely knew the other two.  And none of them were really going up to greet her.  It was just odd. 
I'm not saying she's not in good care, because she totally is.  I just wish I was told all of this sooner because I would have put two and two together with her behavior.  Aubrey is not the separation anxiety type unless it's just me leaving the room with daddy there.  But she doesn't freak out like this.  And here I was thinking she was getting sick.  Hmmm....
So T and I will be talking to the director, not just to get all pissy at her and do what I did before and get us in, I just want to express my concern and see how quickly they plan to get a permanent teacher there.  I don't like leaving my kid with people I don't really know and trust, no matter how safe the center is.  I still want to know them on a first name basis at the very least.  And maybe, just maybe, ask that next time they let us know a little quicker than a week. 
And maybe next time I shouldn't question my gut.


  1. Awww poor Aubrey!
    I completely agree with you. They should have let you know as soon as possible!

  2. I'd make sure to let them know, "This is no situation to be informing parents about because one parent complained (which is my guess for the delay- they weren't going to say anything, but then someone found out); we don't really need to know any non-criminal reasons, but we do need to know what's up when our child is reacting to something."


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