Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A beautiful fall day

I love the fall, and one of the things I love the most are the fun things you can do in the fall.  As Aubrey gets older, it gets easier to do these things because she's a little more mobile (and curious) than in years past.  So this weekend we took the perfect opportunity to head to Appleworks, pick up some cider and apples and enjoy the day.  And of course, that does not come without pictures!  (These, of course, are for you Sarah!)

Aubrey and Daddy just hanging out on a log....

Crossing the bridge to the petting zoo with Daddy.....

"Moo!" Aubrey said to the cow, though keeping her safe distance as she wasn't too sure of the thing...

Same with the chicken - she would get close to the cage but then back away as soon as Mrs. Hen came her way.

Oh look, now we're brave!  But no chicken around here!  (And yeah, I sanitized the hell out of her hands after this...yuck)

And, of course, a photo opportunity with Mommy.  This was the only picture we could get before she squirmed out of my hands.  The funny thing was we chose this spot on purpose because...

Two years ago we took THIS picture.  This is Mommy and Aubrey in October 2011 when I was about five months pregnant.  Dear God how things change in just two years....one of those things being me :-) Ha

It was a beautiful fall day!  We'll be going back next weekend to get some pumpkins with Nana and Grandpa when they come to visit.  Of course, I'll follow up with pictures, promise!


  1. I love this! And I so can't wait until Josie is bigger and excited about these types of things as well! I'm so with you too - fall is my favorite!

  2. OMG she's so big! And beautiful! (you look pretty darned good too!)

  3. Yay! Love the pictures!! You look fabulous! Love that shot with Aubrey!

  4. Thanks for sharing pictures! I, too, love fall. Can't wait for the leaves to really change.


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