Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Aubrey in the fall

I know how much some of you (cough, cough, Sarah...) like pictures, and I'm not always one to do that...mostly out of pure laziness in uploading them.  But, I do take pictures of my kid, I promise!  

Here are a few shots Mommy got with the pig tails....note she abandoned the butterfly on the step to tell me all about the pumpkins.  She tried her best to say pumpkin, and it took maybe 20 minutes for us to talk her off the porch.  We now go on the porch every day we get home and it usually ends in a meltdown with me carrying her into the house....

"Look, Mommy!  Someone left pumpkins on our porch!"

"I'm going to pick the big one....don't worry, I'll pick it up...."

Trying on her Grandpa's shoes and Mommy caught her.  As Aubrey says...."Uh-ohs"

Checking out the latest Mother, like daughter!

"Um, no, Mom....I don't need you to pull me in the wagon.  I can pull the wagon myself, thank you very much."

Aubrey channeling her inner 1980s child....all she is missing are leg warmers!

She's a crazy girl...I'm lucky when I get her actually looking at the camera, or when she does look at the camera she's usually trying to grab it.  Oh, silly Aubrey.....


  1. Oh my gosh! She is getting so big! I can't believe it!

  2. Growing so fast! We still get meltdowns over coming inside from our 4 year old. When they like the outdoors, inside is torture.


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