Thursday, October 17, 2013


 So I have been busy this and writing and what not, so I thought, why not do a little random on this fine Thursday? 
I have been doing a ton of writing this week.  A little at ModVive if you want to check it out and at The Examiner, as well.  I seemed to have found a niche I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with but it's something I'm passionate about in preventing - child abuse.  It's unfortunate that I have so many stories to write about because it is just wrong, but if I can spread awareness that's what I want to do.
If you want to read something funny, though, this Ohio man was told he was still legally dead though being clearly physically alive in court.  Oh, the you can be so contradictory....
I have a problem with spilling things.  Food, coffee, and wine.  The last one is just tragic.  There is never a good reason to waste good wine.  I just about cried last night after knocking over the glass I poured with dinner.
Remember those Veggie Blend-ins I tried and blogged about?   Well, I was asked to participate in an online and then a phone survey and guess who got $75 in gift cards to grocery shop at Marsh?  This girl!  You have no idea how much that helps us.  And I loved the product, too.  Just used the spinach one to add into my baked spaghetti...and it was good.  Damn good, if I do say so.
So after we went to the apple farm this last weekend, T made one hell of an apple pie.  I mean this thing is good.  So much for that diet!
I just found out something that is an absolute travesty.  A&E will not be bringing back Hoarders.  I know.  Let that sink in.  I mean, what else will I watch now when I need to feel better about myself?  Aren't they thinking about that?  First What Not to Wear and now this? 
T and I just registered for a 5k coming up in November, and get this - it's called the Ugly Sweater Run.  I need to get me an ugly sweater, but you run 3.1 miles and end with a nice Sam Adams Winter Lager.  Um....yeah? 
Is it a bad thing that I finish a lot of races with booze?
So this is going to be one long cold and flu season...thanks to one of the snotty kids at Aubrey's daycare I have sinus infection #2 in maybe 3 weeks?  Coughing like a smoker and stuffed up beyond belief.  But I do have that sexy voice you get from having a cold.  It's hot, let me tell you.  Especially right after I snort a bunch of snot up my nose.  H.O.T.T. (I throw the extra T in there because it is just that hot.)
Okay, anyway, I've written enough about hotness.  Hopefully the weekend will bring some rest and relaxation and pray to God that neither Aubrey nor T catch this from me. 
Oh and IU plays Michigan this weekend.  I'm seeing some smack talk in my future with my father-in-law.  I mean, yeah, IU is going to lose, but still...
Ok, that's your random for the day!

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