Monday, October 28, 2013

Coming around to the obvious

Sometimes the answer you are looking for is right in front of your face.  Sometimes the answer we want isn't the one we are supposed to get.  Sometimes God has a plan for you, and it's not the one you wanted.  And then sometimes at the end of all of that, tears, worry, stress, fights, you name're like "Seriously, God?  Was that lesson necessary?"  

That's me right about now.  

I've had to make some tough decisions professionally lately, trying to figure out what I should do...switching careers, staying in what I'm doing and giving it my all despite challenges that the industry is's been tough.  I can't really go into all of the ups and downs that have come along, but I've been walking around trying to find what I'm meant to do, what is supposed to be my path...or whether the whole finding my "path" is crap and I just need to do a 9-5 and that's it.  Maybe working at Target to get my discount is what makes me happy?  (No, seriously, that probably would make me happy, but nevermind.)  Did I make the wrong choice going to law school?  Should I do something that doesn't involve as much pressure and stress for my health?  But is that what makes me happy?  Which is more important?  yeah, all of these questions have been going on in my mind and in my home.  

Turns out, I am right where I need to be.  It's taken me some time to get to it, but when it comes down to what makes me happy, where my passion lies, I'm already there.  Yes, we have some challenges coming up financially but...this is where I need to be.  

So God, what's the deal?  Couldn't we have bypassed this whole thing and just come to the end result the same way?  I mean, we did this earlier this year with T's job.  So let's stop this now pretty please.  

Sometimes you are where you've been meant to be all along.  You just need to recognize it.


  1. And, sometimes you can't really appreciate all you have until you've gone through a crisis of faith.

  2. Spot on, Gretchen. If God takes you around the barn, there was something in the trip you wouldn't have appreciated otherwise.

    Oh, and "questioning God " on why He had to took you on the trip is a good way of making it so's the trip's not over. At least that's how he deals with smarta--es like me.


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