Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Take a look, it's in a book

 I don't often get time to just sit down and read.  The only time I ever really do read is when I'm reciting Fox in Sock to Aubrey or reading her her nighttime story.  Reading for fun is something I have given up pretty much since I entered law school in 2003.  It is pretty sad considering my background.  I am a journalism major, for God's sake.  I love writing, I love or at least loved reading.  But there is never enough time, and honestly, if there is enough time, I am ashamed to say that I watch TV instead.  Shame, Nain, shame. 
I love that my daughter loves to read.  As a child, I was always reading.  I could go through books like nobody's business.  My books of choice were Babysitter's Club, Sweet Valley High, Box Car Children, and a variety of others.  I loved going to the library.  And you are talking to the nerd who helped her 5th grade teacher organize all of her books and created a library system for her rather than join fellow students at recess.  Yes, I was that kid.  And then at home, I created my own library.
While I will encourage Aubrey to go play with her classmates instead of cataloging her teacher's system of books, I will always encourage her to read.  I do not care how many times I have read about a fox in socks and chicks with bricks and blocks and clocks, I will keep reading to her when she hands me a book, backs her little butt into my lap and says "pweas?" 
I've committed myself to getting back to it  Reading, that is. I have taken the time when I can - when I'm exercising.  I am pretty proud to say I have made it through two books recently.  Go me!  Last night, as I was biking I could not stop reading the particular one I was finishing:  The Secret Life of Bees.  At the 30 minute mark of my ride when I was supposed to stop riding, I kept going because of the book.  I was so close to the finish, I had to see how it ended.  So I kept going until I finished about 15 minutes more than planned.  (It is a damn good book, btw.  Highly recommend it.)
The nerd in me has to say it was an amazing feeling.  I haven't been that immersed in a book in....well..I can't remember.  It was nice.  I'd like to keep that going.  So who knows?  Maybe my daughter opened that closed book for me.  I mean, I do want to set a good example, right? 


  1. I love to read, too, but it does get harder and harder to find the time. I loved The Secret Life of Bees! I just finished Orphan Train, and highly recommend it!

  2. I love to read! I'm always reading something, my favorite time to read is at the end of the day, right before I go to sleep. It really helps transition my brain to let go of the real world. Sometimes I only get in a few minutes before I'm super tired, and sometimes the book is just so good I read for hours. Only to be regretted the next morning that inevitably comes too soon...

  3. Sounds like Aubrey is setting the example...

  4. I need to try that book again! I checked it out from the library several years ago and couldn't get into it before it was time to return it. The problem was likely just timing - that happens a lot with library books. I get too many for the time frame.


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