Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Mom gene

I think I may be missing the Mom gene.  Or at least the Mom of girls gene.  Because you know, I'm really not keeping on it. 
I see all of these little girls coming to daycare in Aubrey's class with these cute little dresses and outfits and their hair done.  My daughter, on the other hand, comes to daycare in Target stretch pants, a knit shirt and her white shoes we got from Wal-Mart.  These are the only shoes she has.  No, she does not have cute shoes.  She has plain white, lace-up shoes from Wal-Mart.  And she destroys them.  In fact her shoes were getting so worn that they were almost worn down to her socks.  I'm sure her teachers thought she was that girl, the one whose Mommy couldn't afford nice things.
So I had bought her a pair of the same shoes in one size bigger accidentally before vacation.  I figured, she could wear them if they are a little big, right?  I thought maybe she'd fit them because her feet have grown.  So without trying them on she wore them to daycare this morning.  And tripped the whole way into her room.  Mom fail.
I immediately went out and bought her a replacement pair in the same size she had before and dropped them off at the daycare.  The ladies at the front desk laughed when I ran in there with the new shoes.  Yeah, yeah, yeah....and no, they were the same white shoes.  I feel kind of bad, too, because with the whole Mary Kay debt problem I can't really afford much nicer.  Most of her clothes come from Nana or Grandma.  We're like a charity case, but at least she's too young to know better or be embarrassed.
Only recently have I figured out I can actually do her hair.  I had no faith in that for awhile, but her daycare teachers pointed out that Aubrey was pulling other girls' hair, and she only did that to the ones that had pony tails or pig tails.  So she did her hair one day, and it was adorable...and wouldn't you know it, but Aubrey didn't pull hair anymore.  Augh.  So Aubrey wanted her hair like the other girls.  Bad Mommy.   I was supposed to know this already, right?  So I got some hair bands, and I have learned how to do her hair. 
I don't know how to braid.  I may need to take a tutorial on that before she gets much older. 
I should get the hang of this by the time she's 10, right?  Or maybe I'm just missing the Mom gene like I've suspected?


  1. Ack! You're not missing some mysterious mom gene. Some women have an innate ability to do for their kids, especially girl-kids, the rest of us muddle along. I couldn't braid someone else's hair for ages but I kept at it until one day my daughter had cute braids! I was so excited. I actually bought one of those (creepy) Barbie heads so I could practice ponytails, braids, french braids and flips (the ones where you pull the ponytail/braid through the hair above the band).

    As far as clothes were concerned, my little girl was dressed by g'ma's and other relatives until she was nearly 6. We had some clothes we bought, we also had hand-me-rounds from friends. My only thing was that the clothes had to be stain-free. Stain sticks work wonders on kid stains. That was my main gifting when it came to dressing my kidlet. Her clothes (even the hand-me-rounds that came to us really stained) were stain free when I sent her off for the day.

    The most important thing for Audrey is that she feels your unconditional love and support!

    ~Lily-thinking thoughts~

  2. This is why I was so happy to have boys. I have a difficult time getting myself together and I am a girl. Trying to get a (picky or not) girl together would kill me. Second hand is wonderful--name brands if you look for them and for much less than retail.

  3. I hear you on the hair thing. I am horrible at doing my daughter's hair. It certainly doesn't help that she hates when I brush it with all the tangles. I'm sure I'll keep learning and so will you!

  4. Remember, you're dressing to make her comfortable and warm. If others like to play Barbie with their kids, that's their look-out.

  5. I am so with you on the feeling like a charity case - and on at least feeling OK with the fact that she is too young to notice now. Also dreading the whole hair thing - mine has always been so low maintenance, I'm not sure I have any idea at all how to do little girls hair! Ha! I'm sure we will BOTH figure this all out at some point! ;)


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