Friday, October 18, 2013

Accepting things the way they are

If things are in a mess, accept that things are in a mess. Everything doesn't have to be worked out right now.  
- Mustard Seeds

I got this quote in one of the many inspirational emails I get daily in my inbox.  I don't always read them but there are days where I find I particularly need some sort of inspiration in the morning.  So Thursday morning I read this one, and it was like "wow, this is so me right now."  Seriously.  It was like this message from God saying "I know you want all the answers, and I know you want an immediate fix.  But live in the now and stop fretting so much about the future."

Easier said than done, right?  I am totally not the kind of person to just sit and trust that things will happen.  I try my best, albeit unsuccessfully to make these things happen.  It isn't currently working, by the way.  And that uncertainty is absolutely killing me.  I want change now, dammit.  I'm not a patient person!

I am not going to kid myself.  I'll likely continue to fret about what is going to happen and about my future.  But maybe when I do, I need to take a deep breath and just repeat this phrase in my mind.  All things have a way of working out in the end.  They did with T's job situation.  Perhaps they will do the same for me. Until then, prayers are always appreciated!


This weekend the Nain and T household will be taking it easy.  I am recovering from a cold/sinus infection and it seems it is rearing its ugly head towards T and Aubrey.  Ah, the changing of the seasons!  We are just a snotty, coughing mess.  But hey, accept that everything is a mess, right? :-)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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