Friday, September 20, 2013

Random TGIF!

Random Friday - TGIF, folks!  Mostly because I'm tired and have a sore throat, so....yeah, here you go!
T and I are pretty excited for an anniversary celebration on Saturday.  We made dinner (honey chicken stir fry, of course) on Wednesday, but while we were eating we heard Aubrey talking over the baby monitor.  So it wasn't the romantic dinner as planned. It was a delicious dinner, though!  T has reservations somewhere, and I won't know until Saturday.  But seriously, just getting out will be nice.  A kid-free evening.  Ah. 
So I've taught my daughter how to chant for her future alma mater, I.U.  She's just learning to talk so the word Hoosier might be a bit much, but next year at this time, it is my intention to get her to memorize the fight song, just in time for March Madness.  She'll repeat anything, which is cute, but it does mean we have to listen to what we say. 
Have I mentioned every how much I hate waiting for repair men?  Oh I haven't?  Well, Thursday emphasized that so much more.  I stayed home for a treadmill repairman to come fix our treadmill...I received a call at 8 a.m. with an automated message saying to expect him in 20 minutes, we were his first stop.  Go to 9:30, and I start to wonder so I call the customer service center.  I get sent to about five different numbers.  Finally I get someone who says they'll let dispatch know.  And the repair man was going to call me.  He didn't.  Flash to 10:30, still no person, still no help from the customer service line.  I may have been less than kind to the woman on the other end of the line.  One hour later, still no Sears dude.  I do this again with calling the customer service line.  One of them hangs up on me - yeah, yeah,  after I use the phrase "this is absolutely ridiculous," but still.  I was told "oh he's behind schedule," to which I responded "please tell me how he's behind schedule when I am the first stop?"  On total, I ended up yelling at like 5 people, got nowhere with it, and they kept pushing the time back until 2:30, at which point I had to reschedule for another day because I had a doctor's appointment at 3:00.  I gave the woman on the other end of the line a pick of two days I knew T would be home and made sure she was aware that I took work off to stay at home for this.  I mean I know she couldn't do anything but these calls are recorded, right?  I swear, I hate customer service.  And then at the end of each call, they try to sell me on some free consultation of house siding crap.  I think at my third call I said "with all due respect, sir, I just want my treadmill repaired, not to be sold on more stuff."  Luckily for me, T will be the one at home next time.  Because by the time that last phone call happened I was about ready to cut someone. 
I'm not always a patient person, but seriously. 
Oh, and most random thing for the day - we listen to Kidz Place Live on XM radio, and I swear, they had a Kids Bopz "Gangham Style" playing the other day.  I died just a little inside.  Why do they keep making those CDs?  I've heard other disturbing songs before on these CDs but come on....
"oooh, sexy lady, whoop whoop whoop, whoop 'em Gangham style!" 
Ok, I'm out of things to write.  Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Let's go over this. Sears is a company which wasn't failing bad enough on it's own, and so they merged with KMart, which was failing even more rapidly. And this collaboration of brain surgeons, you expect to give good customer service. You are severely damaging your rep, here...;)

  2. I can't wait to see video of her singing that fight song! ;)


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