Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Can't live without you

So yesterday I did a post about the things we got for Aubrey before her arrival that we don't really use or need.  So today I'm following up to that post with a list of things we couldn't live without.  It's a little longer than the previous list, but perhaps this may be of assistance to those moms to be out there who aren't sure.  But this is totally just my preference - take it or leave it as you will.  Just because we desperately need it doesn't mean every baby is the same.  I have a feeling it's a baby hit or miss kind of deal.  Anyway, I'm rambling, so let me just get to the matter at hand. 

1.  Diaper Genie - To put it mildly, this girl has some rancid poops.  She's been a farter from day one, but seriously...when she poops...she poops.  And it's not pretty.  If we didn't have that Diaper Genie, our trash would smell to high heaven.  I mean, it does anyway because of the occasional one where we'll be downstairs and not around the nursery.  For those situations, we couldn't live without plastic Kroger or Target bags.  Those are a hot commodity at our house.  We always put the really really bad ones in those, and when we run out of bags, it's not pretty either. 

2.  Burp cloths - Have them on you at all times.  I cannot count the times where we'll be in the kitchen or living room, and she'll spit up, and we are looking for a burp cloth.  We'll find them in just random places in the house now.  We use them, trust me.  You can never have too many, and you for sure can never have too many within arms reach.  It may seem like they are everywhere, but it's better than being caught in the situation where you don't have one and need one. 

3.  Changing pad - We have a ton of these white, generic changing pads downstairs and upstairs on her changing table.  We are constantly changing them out, too, because it never fails...she'll pee on them or poop will get on them or spit-up.  (On the really fun days, it'll be all of the above.)  They are easy to wash, and if worst case scenario hits, they cost so little it's no big deal to just toss them.  Definitely a must have in the Sullivan household. 

4.  Nightgowns - These were a necessity when she was a newborn.  We loved the ones that opened on the bottom because it was easy to change her when you're half awake in the middle of the night. 

5.  Pajamas that zip up - Now that she's bigger, we bought some cheap footie pajamas that zip up the front.  We have several really cute ones that button, but honestly, the last thing I want to do at 3 am in the morning is try to line up buttons.  It's so much easier to just zip those puppies up.  I'm not too coordinated at 3 am. 

6.  Sleep sacks - a must have, too, for when they're really little. 

7.  White onesies - you can never have too many of those, too.  They go really well under nightgowns and outfits to keep them warm, and it's not the end of the world if something gets on them. 

8.  Bouncy seat - Now Aubrey absolutely hated the swing, but her bouncy chair is her favorite place to chill.  She'll sit in there for a long time and just hang out and watch us, and during the weekends, it's usually where she naps. 

9.  Diaper caddy - I'm not sure if this is the official word for it, but my Mom got us this caddy thing that's made of cloth but reminds me of those shower caddies I used in college in the dorms.  I keep diapers, nail clippers, that little nose sucky thing (technical term, you know) and diaper cream in mine.  When I was recovering from my c-section, I couldn't go upstairs to change her on the changing table, so this helped me stay organized and kept everything in one place for when I changed her downstairs.  I still use it because I'd rather just change her in the living room if that's where we are rather than run upstairs to do it.  Unless, of course, the Diaper Genie is in need :-) 

10.  Bibs - These are a must have for when we're traveling and she spits up in her car seat.  Rather than ruin the outfit, it just stays on the big, and we just take it off by the time we get to our destination.  And I get the ones that come in a 5 pack from Target because they don't need to be all fancy.  I just use them for utilitarian purposes only. 

11.  Bottle brush - I swear all I do is clean bottles.  I've become quite the pro at whipping through them, but I couldn't do it without a bottle brush.  They're pretty cheap, but it is one of those things you don't always think of when registering.  But I recommend it. 

12. Hand sanitizer - Always have this for when people visit so they don't spread germs, and really, I use this a ton when I get ready to change her and for afterwards if I need to move her or do something immediately after before I can fully wash my hands.  And I'd get at least two - one for upstairs by the changing table and one for downstairs.  And one for your purse, too, for when you're out and about. 

13.  Noise machine - We didn't have one of these right away, but as soon as we did get one, it made a world of difference.  Babies need that white noise to help them sleep.  The nurse who recommended it said it was because of the noises they hear while in the womb.  I didn't really believe it until we got ours.  As soon as that white noise started, she immediately relaxed.   If you don't have a white noise machine, we have used a clock radio before when at my parent's house.  Just put the dial to static, and it's the same thing.  (Just make sure you put it back to the radio station before you Dad missed his alarm the next day because the static was still the sound that went off with the alarm.  Oops!)

Of course, I am not listing the obvious ones - diapers, bottles, car seat, etc., but those are a given.  These are just the little things we couldn't live without, and so many of them are things we didn't even think to include on my registry.   And I purposely didn't include those swaddle-me things because Aubrey didn't like those, but some people can't live without them.  This list may, by no means, be complete, and I'm sure I'll read this later and want to add something else, but these are definitely my "must haves."  I hope this helps, Chloe!  (And the rest of you who could always use tips!)  What about you other moms out there...what are your must haves? 


  1. Thank you Nain, I found these two posts very useful for our future baby(ies)!

  2. I second just about everything on this list, especially burp cloths, bibs, noise machine, and bouncy seat. Samantha lives in her bouncy seat, although lately she's been wanting to be on the floor more to play. I also couldn't live without our stroller that attaches to the car seat. It's basically just a frame that the car seat fits in to. We take it everywhere and it's much less bulky than other strollers. Samantha couldn't live without her Taggie blanket - she loves that thing :)

  3. Great list, thanks! I think I'm going to get some more burp cloths :-)

  4. You had me laughing at "she's always been a farter..." And as far as the burp rag- try having your firstborn being a projectile barfer who hit me from 3 feet away less than 12 hours after birth. We needed a burp raincoat until he went on solid food!


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