Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nain's journey through music

Second Blooming

This week's Spin Cycle with Gretchen at Second Blooming is on music.  It's a pretty open topic.  Where do I go with it?  I can't lie...I thought and thought about what angle I'd take on it, and finally...I said screw it, I'm going random on this!  So music....
I was always into music.  I'm not saying good music, but music.  My parents got me my very first stereo, a My First Sony: 
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And I used to play my New Kids on the Block  tapes on it over and over and over again.  I also had a pretty cool Walkman-style one, too.  I'd totally love to have one of these again.    But this was my first introduction into music.  And I didn't just use my My First Sony to play tapes.  I also recorded  on it (note the cool microphone)  I would record my own radio shows, placing the radio close to another radio playing the radio, recording what songs were playing.  (Can you imagine the quality on that sound?  Whoo!)  And then I'd listen to these tapes, enjoying the songs recorded from songs played from a recording.  It boggles the mind, doesn't it? 
In high school, I was one of the last people to get a CD player and I never had one in my car.  I had to use one of these things to play any CDs where you plugged this into your Discman (Kids:  This is like an iPod that plays CDs...) and then put the tape part into your tape deck on the car radio. 
 The quality sucked,  and you always had to take the risk that you would hit a bump in the road, thus making your CD skip.  Honestly, it wasn't until I leased my Saturn in 2002 when I finally got a car with a CD player.  So in playing music in my car, I had to get really creative.  I had to record CDs onto tapes to play in my car, so I would record my brother's and sister's CDs so that I had something to listen to while driving.  I even mastered the art of making mixed tapes combining different songs from different CDs and recording them onto tapes from my parent's stereo.  Most of the music I recorded was crappy pop music or songs from the 80s.  Not much changed from my My First Sony days.  Different medium, same crappy music. 
Now that I own my very own CD player in my car, I get to listen to whatever I want to play.  Which is...wait for it...crappy pop music and 80's songs!  I have yet to buy the new NKOTB CD but...this isn't to say I didn't almost buy it when on a trip to Best Buy.  Honestly, I still might.  My current playlist comes from Roxette's Greatest Hits.  I consistently tortured T with Roxette songs when they would play on his XM 80s station, and I always said "I need to get Roxette's Greatest Hits!"  Never did, until my maternity leave, when T surprised me with it.  So now, it's in my car.  Did you know Roxette had 20 "greatest hits?"  Me either, but they somehow came up with 20 songs they wrote.  I only listen to the first 10 because those are the only ones I know.  Anyway, this is just one example of my taste in music.  Once, I had work done on my car, and I accidentally left my CD book in it.  My dad was worried the mechanics would steal my response was "what?  They're going to steal my Britney Spears CDs and burnt copies of NOW That's What I Call Music?  The NSYNC Christmas CD I had?  The soundtracks from Dawson's Creak, both one and two?  Nope, collection isn't exactly one someone would take.  In fact, my collection is one where, if a person did steal it, they'd get away, open the book and curse wondering what the hell that crap was. 
But I'm proud of my crap in music!  I am Nain, and I love my crappy music.  And I'm not afraid to expose my daughter to it, too.  Though I think T might have something to say about that....
Wonder what her first version of "My First Sony" will be? 
I told you this would be random!
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  1. HA! I am laughing at the image of some dudes stealing all your CDs only to realize it's your stash of Britney Spears! I had that same lame cassette/CD adaptor!

    You are linked!!

  2. I had the same cassette thingy, too! Bumps in the road were hazardous back then!

  3. Imagine if you will that you didn't even have a tape player in your car. I had to have a tape recorder in the passenger seat on long trips so I could play the music I recorded from records onto tapes.


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