Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Listen up!

On Friday, we took Aubrey to her four month appointment.  She did pretty well, met all of the developmental milestones she had to meet, is in the 99th percentile for weight and 52nd percentile for height.  And she was given the go-ahead to start cereal.  Unfortunately, we had to end her appointment with two shots.  But she did pretty well. 
However, when we got home, I sat her down and asked her what she thought about everything - the shots, the new food she would be trying, making sure she didn't have any body image issues from being in the 99th percentile...and she had quite a lot to say...

The conversation started out calmly enough.  She was pretty pleased with her progress and how nicely she was treated by the nurses and doctor....

 She was very vocal, however, on the issue of the shots and the cereal.  I didn't realize her opinions were so strong, but she had a lot to say. 

It's extremely important that we listen to her.  This girl knows what she's talking about.  And she is going to make sure we all know about it.

I think we came to a good agreement.  We tried the cereal on Saturday, and I profuselyy apologized to her for not giving her a heads up on the shot thing when those nurses came into the room.  I promised to do better next time, and of course, gave her a  nice dosage of Tylenol. 

I have quite the talker on my  hands, and I love it.  I have a feeling as she learns words and gets older, it's only going to get better.  She's such a funny little girl.  God, I love her...



  1. A politician in the making...

  2. Keep talking, cutie! ( I hated those four month shots..)


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