Friday, June 1, 2012

Tag! You are SO it!

Ah, I'm "it!"  I was always pretty bad at tag...always the kid people caught right away.  So it's no surprised I was "tagged" by Judy at "Life...Minute by Minute."   And I'm a good sport, so I'll play along!  The Rules say I need to 1) answer 11 questions posed to me by Judy; 2) come up with 11 questions of my own, and 3) tag 11 blog friends (no tag-backs!) to answer my questions.  So here goes!

My 11 answers:
1. Do you, or did you before blogging, also write in any other formats?   I tried to...I always tried to do a journal, but I'd start and then not follow up on it.  I wrote creatively, too, and I have always been a notorious letter and email writer.

2. Why did you start blogging?  I started blogging as a way to kick start my writing.  I realized I hadn't written in forever while I was in law school and directly after that, so one day I just decided to take the plunge on May 16, 2010, and I have been doing it since! 

3. Do you ever have to stop reading another blog because the grammar or spelling makes you crazy? No.  As much as it bugs me in real life, the lawyer me is known to scan posts when I read them.  I get the gist of them...not to say I don't fully read them or anything, but when you're in law school and have to read 40 pages of homework for each class, you learn how to read pretty quickly.  And when you read quickly, you don't always catch those small errors. 

4. Have you ever met the author of a blog you follow?  I'm the pen pal of Chloe at my New Life as a Housewife, but no...I've never met any bloggers in real life, though I'd totally love to do that!

5. What is your all-time best ever thing you ate?  Easy - the Tres Leches cake at BARcelonas Tapas.  It was seriously the most amazing thing I have ever eaten.  Now this is making me want to just go there, order the cake, and eat it all myself.  Dammit.

6. If you had one week and an unlimited Visa card to go anywhere in the world, but you had to spend that week alone, where would you go and what would you do?   Easy - Dublin.  I'd spend all my time in coffee shops and pubs, just people watching, enjoying a nice Guinness and writing.

7. What is your one pet peeve of all time?  I have to pick just one?  I actually just wrote a post about this, and I had like twelve of them...ha.  I guess my biggest pet peeve would be loud eaters.  Chewing and slurping noises...bug the living crap out of me.

8. Have you ever visited a place and just "felt" that you belonged there?  Dublin!  We went there on our honeymoon, and I felt like that was the place for me.  Even T commented one day we were there how easily I fit in and how much I seemed at ease there. 

9. Do you prefer to have a grocery store employee back your bags or do you prefer to do it yourself? I'd much rather have someone do my dirty work for me.
10. How large was your high school graduating class? Have you ever attended a reunion?  Ours was somewhere around 400, I think.  I went to a fairly large high school.

11. How do you feel about salon care? I love getting my hair did! :-)  My friend Angela owns a salon, and I love it when I visit her salon, get treated to a new hair cut and get the chance to chat.  Totally worth the money.

That was easy! Okay, so here are my 11, you all have to play along! 

1.  Chloe @ My New Life as a Housewife
2.  Ali @ A Coffeeqween's Life
3.  Christine @ Inspired Life
4.  Sarah @ Crazy Love Gamble Style
6.  Erika @ Studio E
7.  Peg @ Squre Peg in a Round Hole
8.  Camille @ Archives of Our Lives
9.  Jen @ Sprite's Keeper
10.  Gretchen @ Second Blooming
11.  Jen @ Sweet Pink Ruffles

And here are my 11 questions:

  1. What is the one thing that always makes you smile no matter what?
  2. What is the biggest adventure you've ever taken?
  3. What is something that was always a fear of yours but you finally conquered?
  4. What is the one question you can't stand people asking?
  5. What's the biggest social media pet peeve you have?
  6. Do you think Facebook is a good or bad thing and why?
  7. What's the one song you hear on the radio that you can't help but belt it out?
  8. How would you describe your blogging style?
  9. What's the best piece of advice you would give those who want to start blogging?
  10. In truth or dare, do you prefer truth or dare?
  11. Besides my blog, of course, what's your favorite blog to read? :-)

Totally random questions, I know...but it's more fun that way, right? 

So....tag!  You're it!


  1. Here's my post!

  2. I'm it! thanks for the tag. I'll be doing this sometime next week.
    I like to have the store employees bag my stuff, unless they seem to think I need like a bag for each item. Those baggers drive me nuts.

  3. I'm it! thanks for the tag. I'll be doing this sometime next week.
    I like to have the store employees bag my stuff, unless they seem to think I need like a bag for each item. Those baggers drive me nuts.

  4. Oh, I love being tagged! Thanks for thinking of me! I would SO love to go to Ireland. I always thought I'd feel right at home too. The bag thing...I would love to have a bagger do the work, but actually arrange the stuff the way I want it!


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