Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Random Nain

I'm not feeling 100 percent today.  Sleep deprivation combined with the cold, now turned sinus infection, has taken my ability to form coherent thoughts, so you'll be getting random Nain musings today.  Enjoy!

1.  I totally had a moment of freak out yesterday when I looked at the calendar and realized it's mid-June, and my mini-marathon is on September 1st.  And I have barely trained.  I emailed T, freaking out, and he managed to find a training program I think I can handle.  Now I just need to get off my lazy, sleep deprived butt and just do it.  How is it possible that the race is that close?  Only 12 weeks away!  Yikes.

2.  I mention the sleep deprivation...that's not just Aubrey.  Sure, we're doing sleep training, and that has lead to some sleepless nights.  But I also have the world's most annoying cough that has kept me up for the past three nights.  It gets so bad that I almost get sick when I start coughing.  I'm hoping the cough suppressant and antibiotics I'm now on can help with that because Momma seriously needs some rest or I'll never get better.

3.  On that same note - I need Kleenex.  Blowing my nose on toilet paper and napkins has caused it to be rather raw.  In a moment of desperation yesterday, with no paper product on which to blow my noise, I may or may not have found a stray glove in the backseat of my car while blindly searching with one hand and driving at the same time.  I've now hit rock bottom. 

4.  Our baby girl turns 4 months on Friday, and we have her 4 month check-up.  More shots.  I hate that.  And that will be the third time we've seen her doctor in two weeks.  Poor girl is going to hate us for having to go to the doctor so often! 

5.  The 4 month mark - the sad thing about that is I start thinking about the fact that when I was just 4 months old, my parents took me to my 4 month check-up and discovered my heart defect and had to rush me to surgery.  My child is that same age.  I have such new respect for my parents having to endure that because looking at Aubrey, I have no idea how they handled that.  And it breaks my heart to think of all parents out there who have to be the strong ones when their little ones go through such tough times at such a young age. 

6.  Last night I met a new friend for dinner.  I have to admit I was actually kind of nervous because this was the first we've ever hung out.  When I was driving to meet her, I legitimately felt like I was meeting someone for a first date.

7.  Making friends at 31 years old is pretty tough. 

8.  Speaking of first dates, on June 25th we are coming upon the 4th anniversary of when T and I had our first date.  We have a sitter scheduled for that night, and I'm super excited about getting an evening with my one and only.  Even if it's a Monday night. 

9.  Sign that you're getting older - you get excited about it raining because that means your lawn and garden will get watered.  We used to never care about things like this.  My how priorities change....Speaking of, we need rain here in the Midwest in a bad way.

10.  In just a few weeks we'll be taking our first trip as a family on vacation to St. Louis.  It makes me a little nervous having to think about all of the crap we have to pack now that we have a little kiddo.  It's amazing how much stuff comes with someone so small!  But I am really excited to have some time off and away with my family. 

11.  Look at this face.  I have such a hard time not kissing all over those cheeks: 

So those are my random thoughts for the day.  Now excuse me while I chug the rest of my coffee in hopes that I'll eventually come to some sort of conscious state of mind.  Have a wonderful day, everyone!


  1. Oh, I hope you start feeling better soon. It's no fun for anyone when mom is sick.
    Aubrey is such a cutie!

  2. I too hope you are feeling better :( And I love your random thoughts! I wouldn't have it in me to make a new friend now! I'm too shy and too much of a homebody, I guess. Hope you have something exciting planned with T!

  3. I hope you get well again soon! I *love* the picture - she's such an adorable little cutie! And the rock bottom incident... been there, done that. Enough said.

  4. Aw, hope you feel better soon. And how could you NOT kiss all over those cheeks??

  5. Making friends in your 30's is definitely hard! Hope it was a good enough dinner to warrant a second "date!"


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