Thursday, June 21, 2012

These are my confessions

As Usher would say...these are my confessions...sorry you'll get a more substantive and coherent post tomorrow, I promise!

My little girl rolled over for the first time on Tuesday!  We were having her do her normal tummy time, and she's gotten quite adept at pushing herself up and keeping herself up there.  Before we knew it, she had rolled out her back.  (I guess that's a good way to get out of tummy time!)  Both T and I kind of gasped and looked at each other like "did we really just see that?"  And then I started squealing.  So proud of how quickly she's developing!

I have worked a ton this week.  And by a ton, I mean...a ton.   I'm doing the normal 8-8.5 hours during the day and then working two hours in the evening.  Poor neglected, T.  But unfortunately, that's kind of the way things will be for the next few weeks. 

I absolutely cannot wait for our vacation the week of July 4th.  I think both of us need this in bad, bad way.  (See above confession.)

I have become quite obsessed with reading coverage of the Sandusky trial.  I have no idea why, too.  The lawyer in me is curious about the defense strategy (or lack thereof), and it just shocks and astounds me how, if these allegations are true, someone could be so sick and get away with so much.  T may stage an intervention pretty soon, though, if I don't step away from the news sites. 

I'm still not exercising every day like I hoped I would.  I'm probably being a bit unrealistic, because Aubrey's new wake-up time of 4 a.m. is truly making this an impossible feat. 

But, at the same time, I'm freaking out about the fact that I'll be walking 13.1 miles on September 1st. 

I like that new "Call me, maybe" song.  It's annoying, but I like it.  Except I have come up with my own lyrics to it:  "Hey, my name's Aubrey.  And I'm a baby.  And here's my diaper.  It's time to change me." 

I also have been known to listen to "I'm sexy and I know it" too.  And like the previous song, I have come up with my lyrics to this one, too.  I call it "I'm stinky and I know it."   "Every time I wake up, Mommy's staring at me.  She looks really tired, and she really needs to sleep.  But I've got poopy in my diaper, and I'm not afraid to show it.  I'm stinky and I know it.  I blow out." 

Mommy has some serious sleep deprivation, and it's causing her to come up with crazy songs and scare both her husband and baby. 

I've hit an all-time low when, after we went to mass one day, I started singing to the tune of the "Our Father" prayer when sung at church: "Our Aubrey, who art in Greenwood..."  T looked at me and said "wow, way to blaspheme, Mommy."  Yes, I have really lost it. 

I would cut off my left foot to get a good twelve hours of sleep.  Anyone want to come over and feed my child at night? 

Ok, enough of that...these are my confessions....random on a Thursday morning.  But, it's almost the weekend!  So thank God for small blessings!  Have a good one, everyone!


  1. I like all your made up songs!! I think you should switch off, one person wears earplugs, the other does baby duty. Then you will both get a good nights sleep, every other night!! Doesn't that sound divine?? Such a nice theory, never worked for me but maybe you can pull it off :)

  2. Oh, those fun sleep deprived baby days. They say enjoy them while you can, but I remember being all foggy with the need for sleep and only remember bits and pieces.

  3. Rolling over already? Wow! The made up songs are definitely par for the course but the make the sleep deprivation that much funnier. :-)


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