Thursday, September 20, 2012

Random random

My apologies for the lack of a new post yesterday.  I'm having a hard time as of late in coming up with post ideas...I've thought about writing down ideas as they come to me, but then that would involve finding the time to write that list.  So that just brings me back to square one.  So get another random, rambling Nain post.  Yay! 
So this weekend T and I will be leaving Aubrey with my sister overnight.  Our friends are getting married, and we decided that we will stay out that night and stay at a hotel for a couples evening.  It'll be really good for the two of us, but I am super nervous.  I haven't even left Aubrey yet, and I already miss her.  I keep thinking things like what if she doesn't want to go to sleep for my sister because she keeps looking around for mommy and daddy and thinks we abandoned her?  The very thought of that just makes me want to cry.  Of course, we'll be coming back right away on Sunday to get her, but she'll be away from us from around 1:00 p.m. until the next day.  That's going to be tough.  And I'm kind of not looking forward to it. 
Stress.  I have been dealing with a great deal of stress lately, mostly related to work, and it has given me TMJ, believe it or not.  And said TMJ is acting up today. I mean, do I really need to work?  I know no matter where I work and what I do I will always deal with stress.  If only I paid attention to that fluff class I took in college "stress management."  There's a reason I got a B minus in that class.  That reason has resulted in TMJ. 
Still plugging away at the change in lifestyle in my diet.  I have a scale to measure meat portions, and when T cooked his famous honey chicken stir fry for our anniversary the other night, I weighed 3 oz of chicken for my portion.  And one-third a cup of rice.  It was sad how small that was.  Sad.  But I'm sticking with this.  I really want to see some change for the better.  But it's not to say that this isn't hard.  Meeting weekly with the dietitian has helped keep me on track.  I'm still going over in my starches for the day, though.  Why does everything have carbs in it?  I mean, come on, everything? 
I miss my kid today.  I want to see her and kiss those chubby cheeks of hers.  4:30 cannot come quickly enough.
So we sent the very last car payment for my car this morning.  I now own my vehicle.  After eight years, that beautiful piece of machinery, my 2004 Saturn Ion is mine, baby!  Sure, it has 111,000 plus miles on it.  Sure I have had to replace the bumper because of how many times I have run into inanimate objects with it.  But it's mine.  We're keeping it for awhile because it'll be nice to not have a car payment.  But honestly, with how frequently I hit parked cars, it's probably just in my best interests to never have a nice or new car.  God knows what I'll do to it. 
I love this fall weather.  Love wearing sweaters and jackets again.  Of course, I haven't tried on my fall jacket yet.  I'm scared it won't fit post-baby.  I don't think I can take that kind of ego hit.  But I do love the fall weather.  And the cute little pajamas Aubrey wears now that it's cooler. 
Since I'm on this healthy kick, I could go for some new recipes.  So if you have any good ones, send them my way.  I'm kind of getting tired of the same thing day after day.
And lastly...the most important of all of these random thoughts: Dancing with the Stars is back next Monday!  And it's the All Stars version.  Can I tell you how stoked I am?  Love my DWTS!  T, say good bye to the TV for awhile on Mondays and Tuesdays! 
Okay, I'll end my ramblings with that.  I promise to be back tomorrow with a post of substance.  Plus, it's a Friday Spin Cycle post!  Whoo! 


  1. I love your ramblings . . . and I hope you and your husband can have a lovely evening out. Your baby girl will be just fine :)

  2. Enjoy your time away with T--even if all you talk about is Aubrey. Just getting away is the first step. Bring her back a cute stuffed animal, the one I brought back for Turbo when we went away the first time became one of his favorite animals.

  3. When Aiden was 7 weeks old I made myself leave him over night with my mom. I get a lot of flack for that bc he was so young but he slept 12 hours at night without waking up so what did it matter if he slept with me or my mom? Anyway, it was so hard!! We couldn't even sleep in as planned I was up and knocking on my moms door at 6am!! I also had to get a little tipsy to fall asleep! Aubrey will be fine. She won't be upset that you aren't there bc you and T give her so much love and warmth she knows you always come back.
    As for the food- hang in there! I like to take thins I love and make them a bit healthier. Like pizza, we take whole wheat dough and grill it. I make my own sauce(super easy and so good) and we load it up with veggies. We grill chicken kabobs a lot too. Honey, canola oil, and lite sodium soy sauce as the marinade. We grill it with bell peppers, pineapple, mushrooms, and sautéed veggies is always a winner. I lightly sauté sugar snap peas, green beans, broccoli with a little olive oil and mushrooms. So yum!
    As for blog posts- I'm right there with you. I have pinned a printable blog planner so I can write down ideas and plan some out but I haven't printed it! Lol

    Good luck and enjoy some time with T!

  4. Recipes.... It's one more thing but Pinterest has millions of AWESOME, QUICK recipes. And you pin them and have your own recipes at your fingertips. I do this during pumping sessions...maybe you can do while you're in the bathroom??? LOL. I don't know. Anyway... TMJ here too! Had a mouth guard made $1600. Yeah. Can you believe it??? THANK GOD FOR INSURANCE!!!


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