Thursday, September 27, 2012

What should I blog about?

So the other day (Tuesday night), I sat and started at my blank computer screen thinking "I need something to blog about."  At a loss, I vocalized my concern.  T, using his Butthead impression said (in answer to my "what should I blog about" question) "My butt?"  While yes, his butt is something about which to blog...I think I'm going to leave that one untouched.  So here it is Wednesday night, and I have no better of an idea about what to blog.  Ah. 
So we're going with random.  Sorry! 
T's Beavis and Butthead impression has me wondering...when is this show coming back?  I know there's a second season approaching.  And it's like Christmas morning when that show is on for T, so I do hope it comes back.  But, then at the same time, with the return of the TV show comes an increase of impressions.  But it's the price I must pay for T's happiness. 
Because MY show is back - Dancing with the Stars All-stars!  I couldn't be happier.  The question is - who is going to be my favorite?  There are just too many I love!  I have to say...I'm not too unhappy Pamela Anderson is off.  And politics aside, I'm not a Bristol Palin fan either.  I could care less who her mom is.   Her personality grates on me, and well...she's not as good.  But that's just my two cents on it.
So on Facebook, I have read from many of my FB friends about a girl who graduated just a year behind me who lost her long-fought battle with breast cancer this week.  I vaguely remember who she was, and from the tributes everyone has left for her, she sounds like she was one amazing lady.  She left behind a husband and baby girl.  And she was only 30.  It makes me want to hug T and Aubrey just a little tighter.  My heart goes out to her family and friends.  I couldn't even imagine.  I'm not sure why this has hit me as hard as it did.  I guess it just hits close to home.  She was only 30.  It's just not fair.  Cancer sucks, people.  It just sucks. 
Speaking of cancer, this Saturday, T and I will be running in a 5k in awareness of ovarian cancer.  I'm not sure if I talked about this on my blog before, but this cause is close to my heart.  When I was 12, my buddy and aunt, my Aunt Linda, died at 34 from ovarian cancer.  She was a wonderful woman, such a childlike spirit, and it's hard to believe that it's been....let's that makes it 18 years?  Dear God, that seems so far away.  It doesn't feel like it was that long ago.  But anyway, we'll be racing in awareness of this awful disease.  And in honor and memory of my Aunt Linda.  Cancer sucks. 
Okay, enough sad stuff...look at this:

She's a cutie, I know.  I was trying to get her to show her two teeth on the bottom gum.  But she's stubborn like her Momma, so she was holding back.  But she has two little teeth.  And they are cute.  We've introduced the puff things to her, and it's hilarious because the first time I gave her one, she put it in her mouth and made the funniest face like "what the hell is this?"  I can't believe how quickly she is growing.  Teeth, rolling over, trying to thing you know she'll be crawling! 

Lastly, the other day, I had a $1000 Day Sale with Mary Kay, and I made $911 in sales!  Sure, I didn't make $1,000, but that's pretty darn close!  Whoo, Nain! 

Okay, I'm going to end this random and rambling post with just one more thing.  T's butt.

(See, T?  I blogged about your butt!)


  1. That face makes me think she read the earlier part of the blog. Cancer does suck. I hope its among the punishments given to Satan.

  2. The minute you want them to smile big and show off, they know. That when they turn off the hundred watt smiles and get all contrary.
    Good luck with your run!

  3. oh I love the picture!! she is so cute!
    congrats on your may kay!! one of my best friends sells mary kay and she now has the whole neighborhood using the products!
    I a your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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