Friday, September 28, 2012

Little tidbits

My blogging ideas this week are basically long gone, so I hate to say this, but I'm stealing another blogger's ideas.  But it's not to say I won't give credit for the idea.  The other day, Katie, over at Marriage Confessions wrote a post called Nuggets of Truth.  When I read it, I thought "this is a great idea!."  So thanks to Katie for giving me one last blogging idea for the week.  Here's hoping this weekend brings me some kind of epiphany and a flood of blogging ideas will suddenly hit me.
I sometimes eat salad with my hands.  I do this mostly because I can't get the lettuce and croutons to stay on the fork.  It irritates T. 
Every day when Aubrey and I get home, I take her out of the car seat and go to the backdoor and open the blinds.  It's our routine.  We then go lay on the family room floor so she can kick around and stretch out.  It's one of my favorite times of the day.

Eating healthy sucks.  I'd call it dieting, but really it's me changing my lifestyle.  And dude, it's tough.  I'm not a big veggie person so it is taking some effort on my part to eat more vegetables.

I get really excited when I hear an Asia song on the radio. 

We haven't ordered prints from Aubrey's six month pictures, and we're already one month later.  Bad Mom....

I absolutely despise talking on the phone.  I'll screen my calls.  I know my family thinks I don't call them often enough, and it's not anything against them.  It's just I don't feel like spending 30 minutes or more on the phone.

I sometimes regret the decision to go to law school and sometimes I wish I had a job that wasn't so emotionally taxing.  I know all jobs have stress, but as an attorney, people put their lives in your hands and expect a lot from you.  And some days, I just want to hide.

I am in need of some new, healthy recipes, because I think both T and I are growing tired of the same stuff every week.  Crock pot ones are preferable so that we can maximize the amount of time spent with Miss Aubrey.

The wedding we went to this last weekend was for a same-sex couple.  They're very close friends of ours and are two of the sweetest, most genuine people ever.  And they are so obviously in love.  The ceremony was touching and beautiful, and I'm so happy for them. 

I know that might turn off a lot of bloggers out there and not everyone will agree with my views on it, but....I don't really care. 

I didn't talk about it on my blog at first because I'm not one to get too political, but I felt like I was hiding something by the way I phrased when we went to the wedding.  And I'm not cool with that. 

That being said, the one song I request at every wedding is "PYT" by Michael Jackson.  Don't ask me why...

This post has turned into another random one.  My apologies.

I can't believe October starts Monday, and you bet I will be taking out the Halloween decorations.  So excited for Aubrey's first Halloween! 

I am in a dilemma about how to handle the Halloween candy situation.  Must...practice....self...control...

Ok, I'll end this - have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I can't stop laughing at you eating salad with your hands!

  2. - I also eat salad by hand at time. If the darn leaf/crouton/unidentified vegetation don't want to stay on the fork, that's what it gets.
    -my concept of eating healthy is eating a salad by hand once a month.
    - It was the heat of the moment...
    -I used to screen. Now, nobody calls so I don't have to.
    -on the delicate subject of the wedding... well, I'm sure you can guess where I stand overall. Legally, I have no problem with the availability of SSM. Morally, I have opinions of what's right and wrong, but that's between them and God, not me.
    -PYT? Uggh. For me, a reception isn't complete without Proud Mary.
    -Just like my random posts, just less long-winded.
    -Hate to sound like a scrooge on Halloween, but we forego the decorations, eat the candy ourselves, leave the porch light off and stay very quiet that night.

  3. Same on the salad by hand! Especially because I don't use dressing, so it's never messy for me. I can't say anything on the eating healthy thing - I'm in the same boat. I'd rather have sweets than veggies. But if you're looking for new crockpot recipes - you've got to get on Pinterest!


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