Monday, October 1, 2012

Motivated to keep running

Motivation Monday

Happy Motivation Monday, everyone!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was awesome, but too short.  Way too short.  I say this because I'm not looking forward to this week at all.  There are a few things I don't want to do and something I wish I didn't have to do but have to do.  That's  all I will say about that.  Anyway, if this week can go by as best as it can and as quickly as it can, that would be terrific.  Can any of you make that happen?

Anyway, so this last weekend was the Ovar'Coming Together 5k.  It was a race raising awareness about ovarian cancer.  My Aunt Linda died from ovarian cancer in 1994 when I was 12 years old, so this cause is something special to me.  She was my buddy, and it was the very first person I lost like that...and I didn't take it so well as a 12 year old.  It's hard to believe it's been 18 years.  It's cool because at the race the survivors wear teal.  And there are so many people wearing teal, it's awesome.  But I told T right before we started that as selfish as it sounded, I was a little jealous.  I wish that were the case with my family.  But I ran in memory of my wonderful Aunt Linda and so did T.

Aubrey joined us for the run.  And I ran!  Like more than I have before.  We finished the race in 39:30 (a 12:42 mile).  It's my all time best.  T pushed me at the end, and despite the fact I hated him about midway through that, it felt pretty darn good. 

This is a picture of Mommy and Aubrey before the race (trust me, I didn't look this great at the end.)

We're doing another 5k this weekend called Wine at the Line.  It's at the winery close to our house, and the race course goes through the country.  And you get a free glass of wine at the end and get to eat pizza when you're done.  What could be better than that?  My goal for this race is to at least do what I did again.  It'll be tough because T won't be with me for this race.  He'll be running all fast and stuff. 
So that's my motivation for the week...what's yours?  Join in on the motivation Monday fun by writing a post of your own, link it up to this one, and leave a link to your blog in a comment! 

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Here's to a quick and painless week!

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  1. First- I'm so happy and proud of you for completing your 5k!!! That is so awesome:) second- that pic of you and Aubrey adorbs! Third- a wine run and you get pizza? Sign me up! And fourth and last this week is a tough one for me too. Bak to work I go:( I wrote a post too! Enjoy:)


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