Thursday, October 25, 2012

A scary story

Second Blooming

This week's Spin Cycle over with Gretchen at Second Blooming is a spooky one, in honor of Halloween.  Scary stories?  What scares you?  You name it!  Honestly, I don't have a huge scary story to share.  Things that scare me?  Sure, sure - spiders, snakes, clowns and pigeons (not necessarily in that order). 

So scary stories, hmm...I had to really think about this one.  And only one thing came to mind.  My encounter of the ghostly kind.  Or so I thought.  Or maybe it was, and the excuse we were given was just a cover up.  Who knows? 

My friend Jess and I had ourselves convinced in 5th grade that my house was haunted.  Granted, my house was constructed one year prior, but we were convinced.  Evidence?  When we were hanging out in my bedroom we would hear a banging from the attic.  I would take something and poke the ceiling back when we heard the bang, and sure enough, we would get a responding bang.  And this didn't just happen one day.  It happened repeatedly.  Of course, we didn't tell a soul about this.  I mean, we needed to really dig into this and figure out if, in fact, my parent's house (only one year old, mind you) was haunted.  So we did what any diligent ghost hunter would do and we went to our public library, hit the Indiana room and pulled up a map of who lived on the land prior.  We found that apparently our house was built on Indian burial grounds.  So my house WAS haunted!  Petrified, we ran back to our parents with our discovery.  Needless to say, I was scared to death of being in my room.  The banging from the ceiling kept happening, and I just imagined this ghost coming through the ceiling and haunting to me while I slept.  We had to get out of there.  The house was haunted. wasn't.  Turns out apparently we looked at the wrong piece of land when looking at the map.  And it turned out that the "ghost" banging around upstairs was a loose piece of board in the attic.  The noise mysteriously went away after my Dad took a trip up in the attic and nailed the board down. 

Convenient.  Really convenient. 

I personally, to this day, believe this to be a cover up.  They were all in on it.  A "board," they said.  "Wrong side of the map," they said.  Or is that they wanted us to think? 

That house is haunted, I tell you, haunted! 

So that's my "scary" story for the week.  What to be even more scared?   Stop by and see what other spooky tales spinners have to share over with Gretchen!


  1. Love it! The things a 10 year old mid can come up with and the explanations a parent will give. Around here it's not ghosts we have to be careful of, it's zombies.

  2. I think Dad spoiled everything! But I must say, he was very brave to go up in the attic by himself. My mother in law swears that the house next door to them is haunted. And interestingly, it's been through a long string of owners, and at least three of them have witnessed freaky things. AND Long Island had LOTS of Indian burial grounds - that's where Amityville was after all.

    You are linked!!


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