Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting motivated

Motivation Monday
Happy Motivation Monday, everyone!  Yes, it's another Monday.  A Monday of a week I'm really not looking forward to, but....yeah, I won't go into that.  It is a week where Aubrey will have her very first Halloween, so that's exciting!  And I promise pictures...actually, I will have a Halloween Spin Cycle post with pictures so stay tuned this week!
Anyway, so the motivation...still on progress for the weight loss...I did struggle last week with not eating within the food exchanges I am allotted.  One of the tough things about going to a work conference, you have to eat what they give you.  And when the lunch they feed you involves a wrap, pasta salad, chips and a cookie?  Yeah...I did my best, and I hate to say it, but I had the cookie.  Not the chips, but the cookie.  Oh well...move on.  I'm probably irrational in thinking I will suddenly gain 5 lbs because of eating that cookie, but I am that person.  I am my own worst enemy, I guess.
So my motivation is to work on my ab muscles.  While I am losing weight, I still have that post baby pudge.  And I know it all won't go away, but I still would like to tone it up a bit.  Because, dude, she stretched me out something fierce.  I wasn't a big person before, and well, she's a big baby so yeah.  My dietitian recommended I try a video on YouTube called 8 minute abs.  And while the thing is clearly from the 1980s, as evidenced by the clothing and background music, it really is a pretty good workout.  My stomach muscles were hurting pretty badly for days afterwards.  And it's easy to do because it's only 8 minutes.  My only problem is I apparently don't do the form correctly because Saturday night my neck hurt so much.  So maybe I need to work on that form.
The abs and the water.  I am so so bad at drinking water during the day.  I'm supposed to do that four bottles a day of water, and I hate to admit that there are days when we get to the afternoon, and I have had one bottle of water, if that.  So keeping track of that and ensuring I actually drink water is something I definitely will work on this week, too. 
Alright, so let's get motivated!   Join in on the fun, and write up a post on what is motivating you this week.  Just leave a link to your post in a comment, and we'll get motivated together!
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