Wednesday, October 17, 2012

If given the chance...

Hindsight is 20/20.  Or at least I've been told.   I was trying to come up with some brilliant blogging ideas while jogging the other day, and somehow my mind wandered to wedding planning.  And how, if given the chance, I wouldn't want to do that again.  So I thought, you know, that would make an interesting blog post.  What things would you NOT do that you have done, if given the chance?  Here are a few that came to my mind....
Wedding planning.  You never know how strong your relationship is with your family until you spend hours and hours arguing over chair covers and where Aunt Hilda should sit (no, I don't have an Aunt Hilda) or whether we should have green beans almondine or California blend with our chicken and roast beef.  I am not one for the nit picky details like that.  I prefer things to be decided quickly and just move on.  But we spent well over a year planning our wedding.  And I loved the day, don't get me wrong, but....the thought of just the two of us getting married on a beach sounded better and better as the months went by.  I think when Aubrey gets married someday we'll just hire a wedding planner.  Maybe J-Lo. 
Law school.  Those three years of higher education where hands down the most stressful and lonely years of my life.  Grad school just sucks.  Especially law school.  I moved away from family to a city I hardly knew and spent all of my days studying.  Forty pages of case law for each of my classes each night?  Being cold called in class by a professor who scared the shit out of me?  Spending my Friday nights studying only to wake up and study more in the morning?  The Bar exam?  Ugh, yeah.  I don't know a single person who says "man, I loved law school!  Those were the best years of my life."  In fact, I know a few judges even who personally have told me they hated it.  I swear I got an ulcer just walking into that building.  So in hindsight?  I don't think I would have gone to law school. 
Dating certain individuals.  In law school and after I had some relationships that now I look back on and go "what the hell were you thinking?"  I dated people who I had nothing in common with, people who treated me poorly, people who I wasted way too long on.  Now that I am in a relationship where I'm happy and stable, I look back at those months of wasting my time convincing myself I was in love with someone who wasn't even worth my time, people who to this day I don't even miss or care to see how they are doing.  Just isn't worth it.  In hindsight, I realize it would have been so much better just staying single.  I can't count only two relationships where I genuinely cared about the person and felt actual love.  One relationship (T, duh!) where I have felt forever love and that someone was really placed on this earth for me, my soul mate.  So why did I waste my time with those other losers?  I'll never know...
Moving into my apartment when moving down to Greenwood.  Once T and I hit the six month mark, I pretty much knew this was it.  I moved from Indy to Greenwood, but rather than move in with him (being scared that we would be moving too fast), I moved into an apartment complex on my own.  However, said apartment?  It was in a complex right across the street from T.  I have to laugh because when my parents moved me in, I had told them T lived across town.  My Mom said "this is across town?"  My response?  "Well, it really just depends on what you think 'across town' is.  I mean, the town line could be this road separating the two apartments."  Yeah, typical lawyer response.  I lived there from February until November, breaking my lease early as we were engaged that July.  We spent the night at either person's apartment pretty much every night but one night a week, a night when I was normally preparing for my Thursday court docket.  So that was kind of a waste of about $800 a month.  Oh well!
Not taking a longer honeymoon and traveling the countryside of Ireland.  We spent our time in Dublin which was absolutely fabulous, but I do regret not traveling around, exploring castles and the beautiful countryside.  I guess that just gives us an excuse to go back!
Serving at Chi-Chi's in college.  I think that one needs no explanation.
Buying that second guinea pig.  See this post for explanation.
Sure, I know, you can't go back and rewrite history, and I'm totally okay with that.  But still, if I had my way, these are the things I would change. 
If you could go back, what things would you do over differently? 

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  1. I can give one reason we date such losers before finding the one--it's so we recognize a good thing when we see it. Now you might be savvy enough to pick up on the winner right away, but with nothing to compare it too, who knows.


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