Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Second Blooming
This week's Spin Cycle with Gretchen over at Second Blooming is a Halloween Show and Tell!  I did look for old pictures of my own costumes as a kid, but I surprisingly couldn't find any.  (Sorry!)  That's probably for best because some of them are pretty embarrassing.  I seem to recall a 80s pop star outfit with pink fishnets when I was like 8 or 9?  Anyway, onto the cuter things....
Aubrey was our little monkey this year.  I was so worried her outfit wouldn't fit, but it was actually a little big.  But it was snuggly and cute, and so was she.  Onto the photo sessions...
This picture was our first attempt.  Right before Parents of the Year here watched her tip over and bump her head.  And cry.  And yes, I felt absolutely horrible about it.

So here was our second attempt.  Her good friend the lamb had to jump in to help make her smile again.  And we utilized something soft and supportive to hold her up.  Still working on that sitting thing.

Daddy and Aubrey getting ready to trick or treat.

Mommy and Aubrey (We finally got her to smile!  Yay!)  And I love the little banana that is in her pocket.  Too cute.

And our family picture.  Notice the family of pumpkins behind us...
While we only visited a few houses, friends of ours in the neighborhood, it was still fun showing her off for her very first Halloween.  I'm sure next year we'll have a little one dragging us around from house to house.  So I'll take it while we can!  

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!  Stop by Gretchen's and see what other Spinners have to share!


  1. Too CUTE!! All of you. I especially love the Aubrey/Mommy shot. Though I must say, I'd have loved to see that '80's rock star costume!

    You are linked!

  2. Trick-or-treating already!!! It goes so fast...

  3. A perfect outfit! She's so very cute!

  4. She is the cutest little monkey ever! (And I saw quite a few monkeys this year!)

  5. Really, really cute!!! Love it!

  6. SO precious! Oh, and that smile! I just love her!

  7. Adorable! I just love baby costumes!


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