Friday, October 26, 2012

Mom is always right

So we have a sick little Aubrey here at the Nain and T household.  Poor little thing....
So on Wednesday we noticed that she was starting to have "tummy issues" (I won't go into detail but I'm sure you can put two and two together to guess what issues that would be.)  We took her to daycare, and when I got her out of her car seat, she had spit up everywhere.  All of her formula, and her outfit was soaked.  I took her in, and I changed her and asked the teachers to let me know how she did.  Well, at about two, I got a call from the teacher that Aubrey had refused two bottles.  (Not like her at all given the fact that she clearly is a healthy eater - 23 lbs and 4 oz being evidence of that.)  And she was having worse stomach issues.  They said they would give her a bottle and try again.  Well, that didn't work so Mommy had to go pick her up.  She was in her third outfit for the day, and though she was acting relatively okay, something was off.  We took her home, continuing to have her "stomach issues" through the evening. 
We got up Thursday to another one of "those" diapers.  She had three more of "those" diapers in a matter of 30 minutes, so...yeah, Mommy wasn't going to work.   I took her into the doctor, and turns out she had an ear infection and a stomach virus.  Poor little monkey.  If you recall (those of you on my FB page)...last Friday, I took her in for what I thought was the start of an ear infection, and the doctor said despite some redness, she was okay.  I went home feeling like a paranoid Mom, and well...look at that...Mom was right!  Something WAS off!  So I suppose I should trust my instinct a little more often. 
So today (I'm writing this on Thursday) we are staying home, trying to get her to keep some food in her without much success so far, and since she still is having "those" kinds of diapers, Daddy will be home with her today (Friday, when you are reading this).  I had to buy some yogurt for her to see if that helps.  Whoever came up with the name "Yo Baby" clearly has a sense of humor.  All I can think of is "Yo MTV Raps."  They should make a cereal line called "What up, baby?"  Or "Word, baby."  I know, I know...Yoplait makes the yogurt, but's just too funny. 
However, I feel like I have been vindicated just a bit.  Here I thought I was this crazy, paranoid Mom.  But I just knew something was off.  I hate that I was right, but I guess Mom knows best, huh? 
We'll be working on getting Miss Aubrey ready this weekend.  Hope everyone out there has a great weekend!


  1. Ear infections are the worst- except when they are caused by teething. then THAT'S the worst.

  2. Mom DOES always know best! Poor thing! I hope she is feeling better today!


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