Monday, October 8, 2012

Motivation Monday!

Motivation Monday

Oh's you again.  Oh well.  Time to start a good week - much better than last, that's for sure!  (I mean, if there is no visit to the ER, then we're having a good week, right?) 

So let's start it off with some motivation!  And here's some for me this week...guess who has two thumbs and has officially retired her maternity pants?

This girl! 

Yep, it's official.  They are now put away.  In fact, some of the pants I wore at the start of my pregnancy when I wasn't quite on maternity clothing just yet fall off of me.  Yay!

So this last weekend, T and I did a race called Wine at the Line.  It's a race that starts at the winery near our house and goes around the country roads, ending at the winery where each participant gets a free glass of wine.  T ran the five mile race, and I did the 5k.  I was determined to run as much as I could for my race.  It was tough, but I did pretty well.  I beat my time from the previous weekend by over a minute!  I finished in 38:21, which is a 12:22 pace average.  I ran/walked, but honestly, I ran quite a bit of it.  I was just about ready to throw up at the end of the race from pushing myself, but it felt good.  And T was there to cheer me on at the end.  And of course, so was this girl...
My sister brought her over to the finisher's chute, and she has the biggest smile on her face and gave me a huge Aubrey kiss. 
So we don't have any races planned together, other than, of course T's marathon, but I'm not a participant of that.  So I'm going to just keep plugging away at the running and the diet. 
So what's your motivation?  Join in on the fun and write up a post of your own, link up to this post and leave a link in the comments!  Have a great day!


  1. That's awesome!
    I'm just waiting for the bronchitis to subside so I can get on the treadmill again. I'm just itching for a good run!

  2. Congrats on getting rid of the maternity clothes! Huge accomplishment!


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