Monday, May 13, 2013

Back from vacation motivation

Motivation Monday

So we're back from vacation, back to reality.  And as I type this I'm not even sure if I mentioned that we were going away at all.  We went to St. Louis Wednesday through Sunday...Thursday and Friday I had a work conference, and I did things with T and Aubrey in the afternoon. And then on Saturday, we had a family day.  It was a blast, but we were definitely ready to come back home.  And...being on vacation and what not, we ate like we were on vacation.  Granted, that deep dish pizza on Friday was worth it.  As was that whiskey and chocolate cake on Saturday.  We did work out separately twice using the hotel gym and walked around a ton, but...yeah...I'm going to have to stop eating like I'm on vacation.

So that's my motivation this week.  And I need to stay away from the chocolate.  Some evil person at work brought in a few boxes of chocolates, and I have had some will power problems.  I haven't gained weight or anything but just don't feel the same, less energy or what have you, when you are eating badly.  So I need to kind of steer myself back to the eating healthy thing.

Working out, too, is something I need to keep up this week.  But I may have to be careful with the running.  I ran on Thursday, and I did notice, as we were walking around Thursday night, that my right shin hurt.  So...don't want to injure myself.  I did an elliptical work out Saturday, and we have the bike so I might have to take it easy on the running, even though I really really don't want to.  But I have a goal of running another mini either in September or October.  Leaning towards the October one because when I did the women's mini in September, it was hotter than hell.  I hate heat or at least running in the heat. 

So stay away from the chocolate this week, Nain.  Just say no. 

What's your motivation this week?  Anyone else having a problem with saying no to the chocolate? 

Happy motivation Monday, everyone!

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  1. Yes, damn chocolate! I have it in my head that dark chocolate is good for you, so that leads to eating some, which generally ends up being a slippery slope to eating more and is a great healthy recipe I use for when I'm craving chocolate although maybe eating none is a better way to go. :)

    I make mini muffins out of them, the kids love them, we all do. Sometimes I don't use chocolate chips but swirl in a little peanut butter on the top instead, delicious!


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